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The Mid-Autumn Festival of LifeAfter is well underway and there’s only about a week left to get those themed items. This event started last week and is scheduled to end on September 29. While this may be a festive event, players need to keep their guard up since the Infected Hunt is also live.

Now before we take a look at the different new items available, let’s start with the Special Event Full-Moon Mid-Autumn. This one has players obtain ingredients through usual activities like gathering, fishing, and of course, fighting. Once gathered, players can use them to make mooncakes, and eating different kinds gives various skill effects. Players can even gift them to friends though there is a limit of 10 mooncakes per day.

New Outfit

One of the highlights of this new event is the limited Bunny & Osmanthus outfit, which comes in a red and turquoise color scheme. Male characters get one that has a large lapel coat having silky drapery along with a rabbit-eared round hat. The shoulder has a decoration of a little bunny eating mooncakes.

Female characters, meanwhile, have it in a shoulderless red flowery cheongsam top with a translucent balloon off-shoulder sleeves and paired with the turquoise knee-length pleated skirt with a Chinese style accessory on the waist.

New Ride

Players have the chance to get their hands on the new Scorpio - Moonlight Beauty vehicle. This crescent-shaped motorcycle has a purple and blue motif and boasts nitrogen floating and electric-powered abilities.

New Gameplay

The festival introduces new gameplay with the Infected Hunt. Players go against a new Infected which can grow stronger over time. There’s a new Rank system where the Infected upgrades as time progresses, as well as being able to kill more players.

For those who have trouble taking down an Infected, they can put a bounty on one and invite friends over to take the monster down. While it may sound difficult, the advantage is that players can actually take a look at the Rank of the monster and other information like experience points and defeat numbers. With that, they can decide if they want to take on the bounty or not.

Read more about the festival here.

LifeAfter is an open-world doomsday survival game available on Android and iOS. It was launched worldwide in 2018.

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