Join the Festival in Tropico 6 Beginning August 26

Show that you're a good party planner.
Show that you're a good party planner. Kalypso Media

Summer has arrived in Tropico 6 and that means it’s time for fun in the sun. However, players aren’t going to be having that much fun since they’ll serve as party planners for El Presidente. It’s not easy too since the Festival DLC needs players to come up with exciting shindigs and also prevent an ancient entity from ruining the fun.

This upcoming DLC has players plan, build, and manage different soirées. New things that players can look forward to include four uniquely themed areas where they can have those events. There are even new buildings like the Fireworks Factory, Balloon Factory, and Dance School. Of course, there’s also the party outfit for El Presidente himself. That said, trying to ruin all the fun is the evil entity known as “The Boredom.”

Overall, features of the Festival DLC include:

  • Try the new “Festival” mechanic.
    • Host at least 20 types of festivals each based on different eras.
    • Make sure that your events are the talk of the town even for years to come.
  • New scenario-driven campaign.
    • Take on the ancient evil known as The Boredom.
  • ​Eight new buildings
    • Make use of four new festival areas and ensure your parties are well-equipped with new buildings.
  • ​Add a spring to your citizens’ step with the Dance School.
  • Add a Ticket Shop to specific festivals to make sure there’s a good number of visitors on the island.
  • Four new tunes
    • Be sure to keep the party going with new tracks.
    • Each one is customized to a different festival.
  • Three new edicts
    • Experiment with new features like Funhouser Special, Customer Service, and Laundry Festivals.
  • ​Two new customization options
    • Pick your perfect party outfit and be sure to have your palace match to it.

Tropico 6 has players take on the role of El Presidente, the leader of Tropico, an island nation in the Carribean. Like the previous games in the series, players go through four eras: Colonial era, World Wars era, Cold War era, and modern era. In this one, players can build an archipelago of smaller islands.

Tropico 6 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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