Library of Ruina Coming Out this Spring for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Library of Ruina
Coming soon to new platforms. Arc System Works

Arc System Works America and Project Moon announced that Library of Ruina is launching in Spring 2024 and to be available for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This card-based battler is being offered at $39.99.

The game is a follow-up to Lobotomy Corporation by Project Moon. That's because it takes place in the same world as well as same setting. Pplayers take on the role of Roland, a self-proclaimed "washed up" j Fixer.

Finding the Absolute Book

After suddenly appearing in the Library, he finds himself helping director Angela in looking for what's known as the "One Absolute Book." To get this book, they'll need to invite Guests to the Library. The catch is that the Guests meet their end during their reception and are then transformed into Books. These then serve as guides to new Guests and eventually the One Absolute Book.

Fighting the Guests

In the game, players get to fight against those that arrive in the Library which need a unique strategy to defeat. At the start of the battle, both sides roll dice to determine who makes the first move.

A match happens when two characters target each other with attacks. The two sides again role dice and the one with the higher roll wins. This lets them damage the opponent. What this means is that to win, it' going to be a mix of tactics and luck.

Winning a battle result in the Guests being turned into Books. Pages can then be extracted which allow players to create equipment or even trigger different effects.

Before the start of each battle, players need to check the stats and weaknesses of the Guests. They can also put together unique Battle Pages. The customization and the way the strategy evolves makes sure that players get a deep and tactical deck building experience.


The game was released for the PC. The upcoming version is fully voiced in Japanese made possible by a cast of talents that include Shunsuke Takeuchi (Roland) and Ikumi Hasegawa (Angela). This version also comes with an and i in-game digital soundtrack and artbook.

Ready to fight? Get to learn more about Library of Ruina here.

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