The Latest Collaboration Pack for Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL is Now on the Nintendo Switch

Enjoy a lot of new content. CFK

There's good news for Nintendo Switch players of Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL. The new WACCA Collaboration Pack is now available on the platform through the Nintendo eShop. It's being offered at $14.99.

This new collaboration is with Wacca, which is a popular arcade rhythm game developed by Marvelous with indie record label HARDCORE TANO*C. It was officially released in July 2019. Some of the game's feature include the 360-degree touch panel which allowed for three-dimensional gameplay. There's also a colorful LED display that offer greater immersion.

In celebration of this new pack, there's going to be a limited-time discount promotion. From December 21 to January 10, players can buy Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL at a 20% discount.

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack offers new content which include:

  • Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack track list
    • Let you DIVE! - HARDCORE TANO*C & エリザベス
    • Chariot - USAO
    • ONOMATO Pairing!!! - t+pazolite feat. ななひら
    • with U - t+pazolite & Massive New Krew feat. リリィ
    • Ouvertüre - USAO & DJ Genki feat.Luin (Maki Kawase)
    • EPHMR - aran
    • DUAL BREAKER XX - Srav3R vs Getty
    • Invinsible Frenzy – Kobaryo
  • Gear skins
    • WACCA S
    • WACCA Lily
    • WACCA Lily R
    • WACCA Reverse
  • Note skin
    • WACCA
  • Theme
    • "In Memory of WACCA"

In addition to what's already been revealed, the new pack is sure to make a lot of players happy especially with other features like showcasing the mood that Wacca games are known for, which include popular songs from the series and even an original theme, to name a few.

Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL is a key-based rhythm game which is set to a space-faring background and features storytelling through music. It also offers colorful visuals along with an expansive tracklist. The game first came out to Steam Early Access back in November 2021. It then had a global release to the Nintendo Switch on March 2023.

What makes the game stand out is that it has an impressive tracklist which feature a number of original exclusives from famous composers of the BEMANI (Beatmania) series. There's also familiar arrangements from spin-off works in the Touhou series. That's not all since the game also comes with various popular songs that rhythm gamers sure don't want to miss.

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