Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Now Out & Exclusive for the Nintendo Switch

Ready to get your hands on monsters? Square Enix

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is now available worldwide and exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. This latest title in the Dragon Quest Monster series can be purchased physically at retail stores and available digitally though the Nintendo eShop.

In the game, Psaro needs to be a Monster Wrangler and has to recruit and fight alongside monsters in the world of Nadiria. It's a world that has rivers of bubbling lava, soaring towers of cake, and mysterious ancient ruins, to name a few. There are more than 500 unique monsters to look forward to and do battle, recruit, and train.

Synthesis System

One of the features that players should be excited about is the return of the synthesis system. However, it's coming back in a new and evolved form. In this one, players get to learn more about new monster combinations through their own innate talents. In addition, players can test their monsters in two different battle arenas. There's the Endor Colosseum in the human world of Terrestria or the Maulosseum in the monster realm of Nadiria. The key to victory is to find the right combination of monsters, skills, attribute boosters, magic spells, battle tactics, and even accessories.

Strategic Battles

The game invites players to get immersed in strategic battles. Here playe3rs can issue precise orders to each individual monsters or simply set general tactics for the party. A maximum of eight monsters can be part of the main party. Four of the monsters get to engage in the fight while the other four are held in reserve.

Once players assemble their "dream team," they can take the battle online and lead parties of powerful monsters to fight against other Monster Wranglers from around the world. For the first in the time series, online players get to compete in what's known as Quickfire Contests. These are massive competitions where the data of 30 players are used to conduct battles automatically.

There are other online battle modes for players to join like Ranked Matches, Friend Matches, and even Multiplayer Tournaments.

For those not yet sure if the game is for them, a demo is available to download from the Nintendo eShop. Ready to fight with monsters?

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