Legion TD 2: New Players Give Bonus Essences in Update v10.01

Update v10.01
Update v10.01 Steam

Helping newbies in Legion TD 2 has now become more appealing in Update v10.01. That’s because some improvements were made where seasoned veterans can acquire more essences per match by assisting new players to win.

New Legion TD 2 players who are level four and below are denoted by an innocent face badge on the loading screen in matchmade games. Veteran allies who help these newbies win the match will gain a 20% bonus to essence gain.

Essence in Legion TD 2, for those who don’t know, is a free currency used to purchase cards or items at the in-game shop.

This update also adds support for the new Desert Ridge Campaign, a DLC containing a new campaign playable with up to four people. Players can expect roughly 15 hours worth of material, complete with new opponents, and a new Hard Difficulty level for those who want to tackle increasingly challenging battles.

The Desert Ridge Campaign costs $8.99, but the good news is that only one player actually needs the DLC co-op gaming. This means others can enjoy the new content so long they party up with someone who purchased the DLC.

Desert Ridge Campaign DLC
Desert Ridge Campaign DLC Steam

Patch Notes

  • Improved new player Classic matchmaking/rating progression
  • UI now warns low-level players against playing Classic and recommends to play Ranked instead for fairer matches
  • Client UI
    • You can now press ESC during the Card Trader card animation to skip it
  • Game HUD
    • If you sell a unit while Ready for wave 1, you will now automatically un-ready yourself
    • Slightly improved cursor graphic for mouse drag
    • Now, you can right click Mastermind Playstyles and Lock-In choices to signal to your ally what you intend to choose
  • Game Options
    • New Interface option: “Enable Legion Spell Hotkeys” (scroll all the way to the bottom). Default OFF. This will prevent Legion Spell abilities from being casted via hotkeys. This should mean fewer accidentally Sacrificed Nekomatas. Set to ON to re-enable the hotkeys as before.
  • Sandbox: Sakura
    • Fixed a bug where Superbloom stacks weren’t properly loading via -load. Also added -stacks X support for setting Sakura stacks by hand.
  • Reconnecting
    • Added a 5-second countdown to give the reconnecting player a little time to get their bearings before the game unpauses
  • Fixed a display-only bug where some extra grayed-out fighters were mistakenly displayed in the Masteries profile tab
  • Fixed an interaction with Guardian Angel that allowed the revived copy to bypass the max health limit of the spell
  • Fixed a bug where some cards would appear in the rotation more frequently than others.
  • Fixed a bug where Sorcerer was mistakenly allowed to be cast on them, resulting in no effect

Legion TD 2 Update v10.01 is available on PC.

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