Legion Mixed Reality Experience At SDCC Is Really Trippy

David Haller is Legion, the son of Professor X.
David Haller is Legion, the son of Professor X. FX

If you're lucky enough to be here, go check out the Legion Mixed Reality Experience before San Diego Comic Con ends. You will not regret it.

FX invited Player One to an experience session set up at the Hilton Bayfront Park. It’s open to the public and doesn’t require a San Diego Comic Con pass. Once you’re in you’re greeted by an FX employee posing as someone who works at a mutant testing facility. They measure your pupillary distance and give you an identification wristband. You enter the experience as David Haller, mutant son of Charles Xavier.

An FX employee escorts you to the testing facility door. Soon after, someone opens the door and you’re escorted into the facility. The set makes you feel like you’re in another reality. The walls are white and bright, just like you would imagine you'd see on Legion.

In my scenario, two actresses posing as employees of the facility help me put on a hololens. The lens is needed for the first part of the test. You’re asked to look in certain directions and solves puzzles. One of the “employees” asks you to put together a brain puzzle. During the test they also ask you a series of question: Have you been here before? Do you remember this? etc. I answer no each time and they smile and say, “Good.”

Only one employee escorts me to the next test room. I’m told everything I’m experiencing is a memory simulation. Nothing can hurt me while I’m in this room. RED FLAG RIGHT THERE PEOPLE! There I’m asked to use my abilities to make objects float or move things with “my mind.” That’s the cool part of the hololens technology in this scenario, it makes you feel like you have mutant powers. After another round of tests another person appears in the room. A doctor. I’m not sure who he is or what he wants, but you get a feeling you can’t trust him.

I won’t spoil what he asks you to do, but it helps you realize you’re being manipulated. You hear voices warning you of what’s to come. You hear another voice guiding you, asking you to play along during the test so they can help you escape. Towards the end of the experience, another character pops up in the room and the “doctor” pushes you out the door. You’ve officially escaped the facility.

It was such a cool set up. If you’re a fan of the X-Men, you should definitely check out the Legion Mixed Reality Experience at SDCC 2017.

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