Legend Of Keepers 0.9.0 Patch Notes: New Master, Traps, Monsters, And More

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Goblinz Studio, the developer of Legend of Keepers, released a new update that adds in tons of new content. One of the new additions is the new master, Lira. Lira also comes with a host of new traps, mecha monsters, and more. The developers have also added rare monsters, new traps, and new artifacts.

Some general bugs and balancing changes have also been implemented in the latest update.

Legend of Keepers 0.9.0 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • New Master: Lira, the Monkey Engineer! Coming with new exclusive Mecha monsters, four new exclusive traps, a new advanced trap room when getting a promotion, and a new dungeon environment, the Cursed Temple!
  • New Game mode archetypes system! Play the game with different starting monsters and traps and unlock more archetypes for more types of gameplay and challenges! Unlock monsters, traps or artifacts by finishing a run with a game mode archetype!
  • New rare monsters to unlock: Skeleton Drake for the Enchantress and Kamigoblin for Slaveholder!
  • New monsters: Ice, Fire and Earth Impalers for Enchantress, Skeleton Scientist available for every master and more to discover while playing!
  • News traps: three new traps to discover and unlock with the Enchantress and Polar Portal available for every master!
  • New Artifacts to unlock with the archetype system!
  • Dungeon defense contracts! Rewards type, gold gained and difficulty are now displayed before defending a dungeon and are more diverse.


  • Attacks’ projectiles speed is now altered by the distance between fighters for a better visual feeling.
  • Morale system has been further improved! Morale is now including a damage increase for every threshold. Thresholds are no longer preventing heroes from getting their Morale back once reached. In addition, heroes are now getting 5% Morale back when landing the final blow on a monster.
  • Steam Artifacts related achievement has been updated and can be obtained again.
  • Warning notifications on tasks in the Schedule scene have been improved.


  • Slaveholder’s talent giving him some Enraged stacks when taking damage has been changed to 50/100% chance to gain Enraged (1) when taking damage.
  • Slaveholder’s talent increasing Life regenerated when using Whiplash has been reduced from 10/20% to 5/10%.
  • Thorns effect is no longer available in the random Bonus pool for attacks, talents and artifacts.
  • Morale lost by other heroes when a hero is defeated has been reduced from 20% to 15%.
  • Elementals’ highest resistance matching their type has been reduced from 100% to 80%.
  • Masters’ upgrades after a dungeon can now be stats, attack or spell boosts regardless of the master you’re playing with.
  • Scepter of Destiny artifact no longer triggers on masters like it should have been initially.
  • Vampire is now a rare monster.
  • XP gained with masters has been reduced accordingly to the addition of the game mode archetypes system.

Bugs fixing:

  • Fixed an issue where a previous group of heroes containing a champion would continue to attack the upcoming dungeons in specific situations.
  • Fixed gold gained displayed for the Magic Purse artifact when playing in custom mode with different gold gained difficulty settings.
  • Fixed an issue with stats upgrades in events not added correctly to masters base stats.
  • Fixed an issue with stats upgrades at the gym not refreshing correctly the masters base stats in tooltip before leaving the task.
  • Fixed an issue with stats upgrades on modded monsters.
  • Fixed an issue in Interview task where master’s life cost was not displayed correctly.
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