League of Legends: Wild Rift: Sneaky Twitch Snuck Himself in Patch 4.1b

Patch 4.1b
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Riot Games released a new update for League of Legends: Wild Rift recently. Patch 4.1b has introduced a new champion that can sneak past enemies and kill them with his chem-powered crossbow.

New Champion

New Champion: Twitch, the Plague Rat
New Champion: Twitch, the Plague Rat Riot Games

Twitch, the Plague Rat, has arrived in Wild Rift via Patch 4.1b. His Deadly Venom passive makes his basic attacks apply a stacking venom that deals damage over time. What’s interesting about this is it deals true damage, unmitigated by any form of damage reduction from items or abilities. Additionally, Twitch gains a massive 30% boost in attack speed for five seconds when an enemy champion has full stacks of Deadly Venom.

He can sneak past enemies with his Ambush ability. When used, Twitch is camouflaged and gains a 10% boost in movement speed for 11 seconds, increasing to 30% when nearby champions cannot see him. When exiting camouflage, Twitch’s attacks will apply an additional stack of Deadly Venom for three seconds. Furthermore, Ambush’s cooldown is reset when a champion dies while infected by Deadly Venom.

Here’s a quick overview of his abilities:

Balancing Changes

Besides the introduction of Twitch, Patch 4.1b also includes balancing adjustments to certain champions and runes. Pyke’s recent buffs have made him a bit too powerful in the mid-lane, as well as in the jungle. So, the Wild Rift dev team has put some of that power into his supportive assets.

First, Death from Below has received a change where Pyke gains 140% of the kill gold (up from 120%) with ally assists or when an ally kills the enemy champion within the X mark.

Next, two of his abilities received the following tweaks:

  • Gift of the Drowned Ones
    • With two or more enemy champions nearby, stored damage ratio: 45% + 0.65% × Fixed armor penetration > 50% + 0.65% × Fixed armor penetration
    • Stored damage cap: The lower number of 60% maximum health and 80+8 × Additional Attack Damage > The lower number of 60% maximum health and 140+8 × Additional Attack Damage
  • Phantom Undertow
    • Damage ratio to minions: 80% > 50%

Other Notable Champion Changes:

  • The Darkin Blade
    • Cooldown: 13.5/11/8.5/6s > 13/11/9/7s
Dr. Mundo
  • Goes Where He Pleases
    • Loss of current health when being immobilized: 7% > 3%
    • Restore Dr. Mundo's health when picking up a chemical canister: 8% > 4%
  • Maximum Dosage
    • Health gained: 15/20/25% Missing health > 25/30/35% Missing health
    • Health regeneration: 20/40/60% of Maximum health > 15/35/55% of Maximum health
  • Base Attack Damage: 64 > 66
  • Siphoning Strike
    • Base damage: 25/50/75/100 > 30/55/80/105
  • Fury of the Sands
    • Armor and magic resistance: 25/50/75 > 40/50/60

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 4.1b is now available on Android and iOS

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