League of Legends Wild Rift: Urgot is Ready to Shoot Enemies Down in Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1
Patch 4.1 Riot Games

Urgot has emerged from the Dredge and is now ready to kill enemies on sight in League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 4.1. Read further to learn more about this menacing mix of man and machine.

Imposing and Deadly

Urgot is a new ranged champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. His passive, Echoing Flames, causes his basic attacks and Purge to periodically trigger blasts of flame from his legs, dealing physical damage.

Purge is an ability that prompts Urgot to unload a volley of bullets to nearby enemies, prioritizing champions he comes across with. Together with Echoing Flames, Urgot can simply walk in circles around enemy champions to defeat them with ease.

If the enemy is running away, Urgot can close the gap with Disdain. Urgot charges forward dealing physical damage and stunning enemies hit for 1.5 seconds. The first enemy champion who is unfortunate enough to get struck by this ability is flung over Urgot and knocks non-champions aside. This puts enemy champions front and center, allowing Urgot to unleash pain without distractions.

Urgot’s ultimate is called Fear Beyond Death. This is the perfect way to deal with foes who are trying to escape his grasp. When used, Urgot fires a chem-drill that impales and pulls the first enemy champion hit. When the affected foe falls below a health threshold, Urgot executes them, no questions asked.

Play with Pride

Aside from the menacing Urgot, Patch 4.1 entices players to get as many levels as possible thanks to the introduction of a new system.

Now, players who hit level 40 in Wild Rift will unlock the Prestige Level System, where additional levels give them stars that they can confidently display on their profiles.

System Changes

    • We’ve made some adjustments to inhibitors respawning and the countdown visual effects. Inhibitors will now no longer respawn after the 19-minute mark.
    • We realized that the time in which each jungle monster is able to be attacked can have a difference of up to 2 seconds. If players choose a monster that is slow to spawn, then they can lose their early jungle farming advantage. So, we’re making some adjustments to how the spawns work.
    • Shortened the difference between when jungle monsters first spawn and is able to be attacked.

So, what can you say about the new champion Urgot in League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 4.1?

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