League of Legends Wild Rift: The Best Things in Patch 3.4

Patch 3.4
Patch 3.4 Twitter/@wildrift

The highly anticipated Patch 3.4 for League of Legends: Wild Rift is finally available on Android and iOS. This massive update brings plenty of new features, but which ones are the best? Read further to learn more.

New Champions

Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress
Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress Twitter/@wildrift

Players can always expect a new champion whenever a major update for the game is released. In Patch 3.4, players will not only get one but four new champions!

A former doll turned sentient, Gwen, is now playable in Wild Rift. This champion uses a magical pair of scissors to bring harm to her foes.

Her passive ability is called A Thousand Cuts. Gwen’s attacks deal bonus magic damage based on the target’s HP. Not only that but she also heals a portion of the damage dealt when she hits enemy champions.

Gwen can survive on her own, thanks to her Hallowed Mist ability. When used, she summons a protective mist that makes her untargetable to enemies outside of its area of effect.

Those who like to be on the offensive will love Gwen’s Skip ‘N Slash. This ability grants Gwen increased attack speed and attack range after dashing a short distance. Her attacks deal bonus magic damage for a few seconds as well. The first attack made after she dashes using Skip ‘N Slash will refund part of this ability’s cooldown.

Lastly, Gwen’s ultimate ability, Needlework, allows her to hurl magical needles at her enemies, slowing them down and dealing magic damage. This attack also applies “A Thousand Cuts” to champions that are hit. On top of that, Gwen can cast her ultimate two more times, with each cast throwing additional needles.

In addition to Gwen, three new champions will be added at a later date. Yone is arriving on September 21 at 8:01 p.m. EST, Vex is playable starting October 27, and Warwick is unleashed on November 4.

New Wild Pass

The game now has a much improved Wild Pass in this update. One of the most notable changes is that progress from Levels 51 to 75 is no longer linear, meaning that players can claim the rewards in any order they’d like.

Aside from that, purchasing the Elite Pass now grants a new Role Choice Skin Chest at Level 1. What’s interesting about this is that players can narrow their choices down to just one lane role instead of getting a random skin.

Time for a Duel

Those who want to engage in 1v1 battles will love the new limited-time game mode, Duel. In this game mode, players can win by killing the enemy champion twice before the shrinking circle appears, or just once when the circle shows up. The shrinking circle spawns eight minutes into the game.

So, which of these new additions do you like the most?

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