League Of Legends Quinn Getting Much Needed Update

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Valor, to me!
Valor, to me! Riot Games

Quinn, League Of Legends’ most obnoxious bird-person, will get a small rework, according to Game Designer Riot Xenogenic . A few weeks ago, Lead Designer Riot Meddler posted about how they want to change Quinn, but aren’t entirely sure how. She’s always been a weird one, an early game aggressive marksman who falls off in the late game. Quinn never really found her mark and was still a questionable top lane pick on her best days. In nearly every situation but a 1v1 duel, Quinn flounders, unable to single out targets in team fights or do enough burst damage to explode a squishy and escape.

With these experimental changes, Xenogenic hopes to increase Quinn’s late-game damage without destroying her lane bully potential and to make her ultimate feel less ridiculous. You’ll still be a woman transforming into a bird, but now at least she won’t glitch out every time you attempt to transform. These buffs are still experimental and won’t be hitting the PBE in patch 8.5. Hopefully she’ll struggle less and Riot Games can move onto fix other, older, more broken champions (cough, Teemo, cough.)

Here’s the full list of balance changes:

Passive - Harrier - Quality of life improvement and power increase Auto-attacks that are already in-flight will now trigger and consume the Harrier mark Base Stats - Shift some of her early game power into late game power Starting AD reduced: 62 >>> 59
AD per level increased: 2.4 >>> 3 (AD at 18: 103 >>> 110)
R - Behind Enemy Lines - Bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and teamfight usability improvement

Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent Skystrike from firing

Skystrike now applies her Harrier mark to all enemy champions hit

Fixed a bug where Skystrike would deal double damage if fired by re-activating her R

Channeling no longer breaks when taking damage

Removed the in-combat state that would refresh R’s cooldown every time combat was entered

Taking damage from non-minions while channeling or while Behind Enemy Lines is active no longer breaks the channel or form. Instead, the movement speed bonus is removed for 2 seconds. Taking damage from minions no longer has any effect.

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