League of Legends Patch 9.10: Master Yi, Riven, Vayne And Guinsoo's Rageblade Nerfed

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League of Legends Patch 9.10
League of Legends Patch 9.10 Riot Games

The League of Legends patch 9.10 is officially live. For this update, three champions have been nerfed along with Guinsoo's Rageblade and the Conqueror rune.

For the Conqueror Runes, the development team agreed that the item was indeed too strong, so it is being nerfed. Instead of 10%, the damage dealt against champions that is converted to true damage and healing is now at 8% at full stacks.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
Guinsoo's Rageblade Riot Games

For Guinsoo's Rageblade, it was found out that the item offered too much power to champions having abilities that align naturally with Phantom Hits. Thus the team said that they will "be keeping an eye on how much these core users are affected since we still want to keep their Phantom Hit synergy relevant—just not as unilaterally success-defining as it currently is."

Phantom hit frequency is now every three attacks, with both armor and magic now set at 15% and no longer scaled.

For the heroes, Riven's up-time defense from spamming E has long been "a consistent point of frustration that players face when playing against Riven." Thus, the cooldown of her E-Valor has been increased. However, her Q-Broken Wings have been lowered and now scales. This allows Riven to cast Q while E is on cooldown.

Players have been frustrated playing against Vayne as well. According to the development team, she "ramps up a little too early and is especially frustrating because of how often she goes invisible." Thus, instead of a 50% Tumble Cooldown Reduction for her R-Final Hour at all ranks, it has been scaled to 30/40/50%.

Master Yi
Master Yi Riot Games

The biggest nerf has to be Master Yi. The team wanted to increase the satisfaction on the champion's key parts while nerfing him in a manner that continues to help players that do not know how to counter him. Master Yi's skill changes are as follows:

Q - Alpha Strike

  • Removed: CAST TIME. No longer takes 0.1 seconds to cast.
  • New: BETA STRIKE. If Master Yi has struck fewer than the maximum amount of times he can with Alpha Strike and there are no other nearby eligible targets, he will now strike the same target for 25% of the damage before checking for nearby targets again.

W - Meditate

  • Removed: CAST TIME. No longer takes 0.05 seconds to cast.

E - Wuju Style

  • Removed: No longer grants 10% attack damage while not on cooldown.

R - Highlander

  • MOVEMENT SPEED. Total movement speed - 35/45/55% bonus movement speed.
Battle Academia Katarina
Battle Academia Katarina Riot Games

This latest patch also gives players a preview of the Battle Academia skins. With the anime My Hero Academia serving as an inspiration, the skins offer a reimagination of some of the champions as if they were students of the elite battle school U.A. High School.

Champions Ezreal, Jayce, Katarina, and Lux, are dressed as students, with Graves acting as a Professor and Yuumi and the Principal.

The full patch notes can be viewed here.

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