League of Legends: Patch 13.1B Nerfs Yuumi So Much That She's Now Practically Obsolete

Patch 13.1B
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Riot Games is set to release a new update for League of Legends very soon. Patch 13.1B brings a lot of balancing changes, but there’s one champion that is nerfed so hard that she has become practically useless.

That champion is none other than Yuumi. This adorable magical cat has been killing it in ranked games with a 56.22% average win rate on Diamond II. Because the last round of nerfs still made her quite viable in League of Legends, Riot has decided to make another round of adjustments. And oh my goodness, the adjustments she has received in Patch 13.1B are rough, to say the least.

Let’s start with her basic stats. Her base attack damage and health regeneration have been reduced to 49 and five, respectively. But what’s more impactful here is that her base HP has decreased from 550 to 500 and her attack range has also dropped from 500 to 425. What these adjustments mean is that she now has to be a bit closer to the enemy before she can perform a basic attack. On top of that, the 50-point reduction to her overall health makes her squisher in the early stages of the game.

Now onto her abilities. Bop ‘N’ Block’s shield HP has decreased from 60-380 to just 45-300 based on level, easier to shatter than before. And at level one, the 45 damage the shield can absorb is laughable. Enemies can simply focus their attacks on Yuumi and the shield is gone in a blink.

However, that’s not the worst part. Yuumi’s You and Me! ability is no longer as effective as it once was because the Adaptive Force bonus has decreased from 12-20% down to just 6-10%. With just a measly amount of increased Adaptive Force, the buff she provides to her attached ally is mediocre at best.

And lastly, her Zoomies ability now only provides a flat 20% increase in movement speed because the AP ratio was removed in this update.

Players have voiced their opinions about the new adjustments for Yuumi on Reddit. One Redditor said that this is one of the heaviest nerfs they’ve seen on a League of Legends champion ever. Another person replied that the LoL dev team is planning to remove Yuumi from the game until she gets reworked.

What do you think? Were the developers just too heavy-handed with the nerfs? Do you think the new changes are justified?

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