League Of Legends Mecha Rengar And Lancer Blitzcrank Skins on PBE

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mecha rengar
Mecha Rengar is a scary kitty Riot Games

Three new League Of Legends skins hit the PBE today, featuring some of the MOBA’s most obnoxious characters. Mecha Rengar leads the pack, with Lancer Rogue and Paragon Blitzcrank following up the charge. The two Blitzcrank skins will cost 1350 RP each(or 1820 RP for both), while Rengar’s price is still to be determined. Following up the amazing Death Sworn skins for the Harrowing wasn’t an easy task, but Riot’s artists stepped up to the plate and delivered.

The Lancer pair of Blitzcranks leaked a couple of weeks ago, but seeing them in action is still amazing. Riot’s artists wanted to make a Blitzcrank skin that focused on his hook, the best part of his kit, so they thought of interesting ways to tweak it. They settled on a spear, realizing players would love stabbing an enemy champion and bringing them closer. After playing the new Urgot rework for way too long, I can say Riot was definitely on the money with that one. I’m a terrible Blitzcrank and I’m already excited to waste my hard-earned money on this pair of skins.

Mecha Rengar is the fifth skin added to the giant-robot line, and one I’m personally super excited for. The Transformers aesthetic straight out of a Michael Bay film fits really well with the the kitty cat of death. Heimerdinger, the yordle with a brain bigger than his turrets, designed these brutes to protect and serve, so I’m hoping that we will get some sort of tease to the mad doctor either in the kitty cat’s splash or his lore. I’m sure some Riot employee has been dying to make his “Rencar” pun into a reality, and now that dream can finally come true. The skin reminds me of an old fan skin circulating around the internet since League’s earlier days, Battlecast Volibear.  With its transforming hind legs and dark color-palette, it seems like it had to be an inspiration for the skin we have today.

Each new League Of Legends skin manages to raise the bar of quality from the last. Whenever it’s patch day, I get excited to sit by my computer and wait for the next skin to be teased; I rarely have a clue what’s going to happen next. We could get a giant robot, a spooky mistress or a cupcake filled with laser beams, it’s entirely up to whatever crazy thoughts are going on behind the closed doors of Riot’s art department.

What League Of Legends skins do you want next? Tell us in the comments.

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