League of Legends: Check Out the Changes Made to the Terrain

League of Legends Terrain Changes
There's been a change in the terrain. Riot Games

There are lot of changes coming to League of Legends in the upcoming season. One of these are the ones for the terrain. Today we'll take a look at each of them.

Let's start with the top side which sees two major changes. The first is that the terrain from blue has been mirrored to red. This makes the gank paths similar while also ensuring that the lane becomes trickier to gank. The second changs is the new little wall and brush combination that's in the middle of the river entrance.

Moving to the jungle, expect to see new walls. The biggest change is the new and wide wall that's directly across the Baron and Drake pits. With this, junglers should be able to experience some safety on their own half of the map. It also equalizes the options of the mid laners especially when it comes to roaming to both top and bottom.

For the mid lane, more space has been created due to the brush being pushed back a bit while also moving one gank path a bit further back. This is good news for those who prefer to choose immobile mid lane mages since it creates some more safety.

Finally, we go to the bot lane. One change is similar to what was done for the top lane in that a small wall was added and pixel brush placed right beside it. Next change is a red side only change. In particular the blue tri-brush area was mirrored to the red side. Meanwhile, a new gank path has been opened beside the tower. Not only does this make the two sides more symmetrical but also eliminates any side-based advantages.

Infernal Drake Changes

Because of the changes done to the terrain, this meant some adjustments were needed to some Drakes. What happens is that once the Infernal Rift is locked in, Infernal Cinders are going to spawn around the map. Each cinder gives the champion that picked it up adaptive stats beneficial to the champion while also giving a burst of movement speed. Upon death, champions drop half of their cinders which can then be picked up by other allied champions or even enemy champions.

Terrain isn't the only thing being changed as something is set to arrive to the Void. Check out all the changes here.

League of Legends is available for the PC.

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