League of Legends: Aurelion Sol’s CGU Drops in Patch 13.3

Patch 13.3
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Patch 13.3 for League of Legends is set to go live on Thursday and the headline is Aurelion Sol’s CGU.

For the uninitiated, CGU in League of Legends means Comprehensive Gameplay Update. This is Riot’s way of implementing massive changes to improve a champion’s gameplay. That said, Aurelion Sol has new and destructive abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with.

First, Aurelion Sol now has a new passive called Cosmic Creator. Using his damaging abilities breaks down his enemies into Stardust. Each stack of Stardust improves his abilities. His Breath of Light, for example, deals additional magic damage based on a percentage of the enemy’s max HP per Stardust stack.

Speaking of damaging abilities, Aurelion Sol breathes starfire at enemy champions with his Breath of Light. The damage of this ability increases for each full second the starfire hits the same enemy, with the celestial dragon also gaining a stack of Stardust if it is an enemy champion.

Astral Flight, as the name suggests, lets Aurelion Sol fly in a certain direction. During flight, his Breath of Light has no cooldown and no maximum channel duration. Furthermore, the flat damage of Breath of Light is increased by up to 20% at maximum level.

His Singularity is an ability quite useful in certain situations. When used, Aurelion Sol summons a black hole that not only damages enemies within range but drags enemies toward the center for five seconds as well. Singularity can absorb one Stardust per second from enemy champions.

Aurelion Sol’s ultimate can be improved if he has gathered enough Stardusts. Its base form called Falling Star prompts him to get a star from the heavens and crashes it into the earth, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies within its area of effect. He absorbs five Stardusts for each champion hit.

Once Aurelion Sol has gained 75 Stardusts, his ultimate turns into “The Skies Descend.” The animation looks a bit similar, except that it now affects a larger area and enemies hit are knocked up instead of getting stunned. Additionally, a massive shockwave is unleashed that deals magic damage to champions and Epic monsters and slows them down by 75% for one second.

The above-mentioned changes were already implemented in the public beta environment last week for League of Legends players to try out. So, what does the community have to say?

Redditor @Sigmas18 said that using Breath of Light during Astral Flight feels clunky. That’s because Breath of Light does not have a good turning speed when used. They also pointed out that the starfire gets blocked by anything that jumps in front of the main target.

Another Redditor had a more positive thing to say, especially with regard to Aurelion Sol’s Singularity. They said that this ability can be used to group up minions for very fast wave clear early on.

But what do you think? Will Patch 13.3 make Aurelion Sol playable in the current meta of League of Legends?

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