League of Legends: Has the ADC Meta Returned in Patch 13.1B?

Patch 13.1B
Patch 13.1B Riot Games

Patch 13.1B for League of Legends is now available. This update implements changes to a number of marksman champions and items that complement their builds.

First, those who love playing AD carries in League of Legends will be stoked to find that the Infinite Edge and Navori Quickblades are now available as second items. That’s because the critical strike chance required for their passives to work is reduced from 60% to 40%. This just makes it so that ADCs can get their power spike very early. Additionally, the Bloodthirster is now cheaper at 3,200g (down from 3,400g), a viable option for those who want more survivability in the mid-game.

Now for the champion changes. Lucian has been a popular pick in high levels of play, though he doesn’t fare too well in lower ranks. With the Essence Reaver’s buff in this update (Attack Damage increased to 55), Lucian’s base stats have been changed to account for this. His base mana is reduced to 320, which makes those who play Lucian less likely to bully others early on. Lucian mains need not worry though, as his mana growth is increased to 43. This implies that he has a healthy mana pool at Level 11 onward.

Kindred is another ADC nerfed in Patch 13.1B. Kindred’s Dance of Arrows is nerfed from 60/85/110/135/160 (+75% Bonus AD) to 50/75/100/125/150 (+75% Bonus AD).

Here are the rest of the changes:

  • AD Growth: 4 > 3.7
  • Powder Keg
    • Bonus Damage on Critical Strikes: 10% > 5%
  • H-28G Evolution Turret
    • Turret Health: 175 to 700 (based on level) (+5%-40% (based on level) AP) > 130 to 640 (based on level) (+5%-45% (based on level) AP)
  • Hextech Micro-Rockets
    • Initial Magic Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 (+45% AP) > 40/65/90/115/140 (+55% AP)
  • Force Pulse
    • Cooldown: 21/19/17/15/13 seconds > 21/20/19/18/17 seconds
  • Passive: Dream-Laden Bough
    • Magic Damage: 5% (+1.2% per 100 AP) of target’s maximum health > 5% (+1.5% per 100 AP) of target’s maximum health
  • Blooming Blows
    • Magic Damage: 35/45/55/65/75 (+40% AP) > 35/45/55/65/75 (+45% AP)
    • Outer Edge True Damage: 35/45/55/65/75 (+40% AP) > 35/45/55/65/75 (+45% AP)
  • Swirlseed
    • Magic Damage: 70/95/120/145/170 (+45% AP) > 70/95/120/145/170 (+60% AP)
    • Cooldown: 16 seconds at all ranks > 14 seconds

The full list of changes can be found on the official site.

League of Legends Patch 13.1B is available on PC.

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