League Of Legends 9.24b Patch Notes: The Last Patch For 2019

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Last patch of the year released.
Last patch of the year released. Riot Games

League of Legends officially released Patch 9.24b which brings with it the last set of changes for the year. The patch mainly offers simple buffs and nerfs. This means that the changes made, while make a champion weaker or stronger, don't necessarily have a large impact on overall decision making. This patch also includes some of the work on the Drakes and Dragon Souls plus adjustments for Lethality items.


Below are a summary of the changes for the champion with Patch 9.24b:

  • Aphelios
    • Calibrum mark bugfixed.
    • Marked damage ratio decreased.
    • Infernum R damage ratio and explosion radius decreased.
  • Ezreal
    • Q attack damage ratio increased.
  • Garen
    • E spin damage increased.
  • Gnar
    • Q damage ratio increased.
    • W base damage increased.
  • Graves
    • E cooldown decreased.
  • Heimerdinger
    • W base damage decreased.
    • Empowered E damage decreased.
  • Shaco
    • E damage ratio decreased.
    • Cost flattened.

Elder Dragon and Drakes

According to the development team, the patch follows up on some nerfs to Dragon Souls across the board. This is to bring them down to better match the strength of the Cloud Soul. The patch also weakened the base buff champions received for killing Drakes. The reason for this was to avoid nerfing the Souls too much.


The development team shared that Lethality users have been facing struggles since the loss of Headhunter. With more options available, the team wanted itemization to still feel good. Serrated Dirk Attack Damage, for example, was increased to 30 while Edge of Night Attack Damage is now 55.


  • Aphelios' Q - Moonshot no longer applies on-hit effects
  • Kindred's VO now properly plays when she casts R - Lamb's Respite
  • Corrected Karma's Mantra-empowered Q - Inner Flame's tooltip to its actual value (60%)
  • Qiyana's Q - Edge of Ixtal/Elemental Wrath range indicator now displays the intended range when she hasn't gathered any Elements and "Enable Line Missile" is disabled
  • Illaoi's E - Test of Spirit can no longer pull spirits of targets protected by Morgana's E - Black Shield
  • Using an Oracle Lens as Evelynn will not break her camouflage from Passive - Demon Shade
  • Enemies that walk over an empowered Sapling will no longer gain vision of Maokai

You can view the full patch notes here.

Upcoming Patches

Back in February of this year, League of Legends first revealed its full patch schedule for 2020. The patches are not going to be limited to improvements and fixes, as new content is coming as well. Overall, players can expect a total of 25 patches coming next year, which means an average of about two per month. You can view the full schedule here.

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