Latest Fortnite Data Mine Points To New Map

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Looks like some massive changes are coming to the game based on a leak.
Looks like some massive changes are coming to the game based on a leak. Epic Games

Epic Games is known for introducing hefty changes to the Fortnite map. In fact, it is something the studio does during every season, bringing changes and improvements to make the overall gameplay experience better. And now, based on a leak, it looks like the game will be getting a new map – and it is said to be a massive one.

The leak is courtesy of Lucas7yoshi, a well-known Fortnite data miner. He believes that he had found evidence suggesting “a new map” is coming. The data miner made the announcement via Twitter and posted a list of names for new locations, all of which could potentially arrive to the game’s map.

Interestingly, all of these location names can be found in the game’s code files. Even more so, all of them seem to sound very familiar, making the claim from Lucas7yoshi more legitimate. From the list, it is easy to tell that some of these locations bear a couple of similarities to the ones players and fans alike have already seen before in the past seasons. Take for example Weeping Woods, which is obviously not far from Wailing Woods, although the latter was eventually replaced by Sunny Steps.

It is very likely that these similarities in terms of names could hint at the next phase in the new Fortnite season. Since rifts have been introduced in Season 10, old locations might return to the game, but in a completely different form. Weeping Woods, in particular, could either be a past or future version of Wailing Woods.

While this seems to be an interesting scenario, this is all speculation as of right now. Things might go differently, especially since nothing official has been announced by Epic Games. Still, it would be interesting to see just how the developers plan to transform the map. And if the evidence found by Lucas7yoshi really has some weight, then it is safe to say that massive changes are coming to the game. As far as knowing what exactly these are going to be, only time will tell.

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