The Last Stand: Aftermath Introduces Sector Stashes and Changes to Encumbrance in Patch 1.1

The Last Stand: Aftermath
The Last Stand: Aftermath Steam

The rogue-lite action-adventure game, The Last Stand: Aftermath, has received its first major content update. Patch 1.1 introduces sector stashes and a new Encumbrance system. Three new weapons have been added as well.

For those who don’t know, you have a base carry weight of 40 in The Last Stand: Aftermath. When reached, you’ll be in a state of Encumbrance where every action that you do, like running and kicking doors, will require more stamina.

In Patch 1.1, developers made a few changes to the Encumbrance system. First, the base weight limit has been raised to 50. Second, encumbrance now has four stages that slowly reduce your movement speed (in addition to the increased stamina cost) as you carry more over the limit. Third, to help counteract this, devs added new backpack levels (via upgrade) and sector stashes.

Sector stashes are found in the Mountains, Sunken City, and Hell areas. You can use these containers to stash away things that you don’t need until later in the game. Moreover, these items are safe until you remove them.

Sector Stash
Sector Stash Steam

To help you fight against the zombies, three new weapons have been added. These are the Stun Baton, Flare Splitter, and Tac-Blade. The first two are craftable, so you can use these weapons as soon as you have the items necessary to craft them.

In the game, you play as a “Volunteer” - an individual who is already infected by the zombie virus but you still fight to make a last stand. That said, Gear Insurance lets you select three random items from your current Volunteer to carry on to the next. In Patch 1.1, this has been completely removed from the Supply Depot as a purchasable option. According to the developers, this was done to remove the exploits associated with it.

Major Changes

  • Various fixes to inaccessible fuel canisters across maps and buildings
  • New commercial buildings added: Pawnshop, Hardware Store, and a new Clinic
  • New maps added to each sector (except for Hell):
    • Military Base 2 in Suburbs
    • Farm 2 in Mountains
    • Park 2 in Sunken City
  • Merchants now hold more Knowledge to trade with

The Last Stand: Aftermath Patch 1.1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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