The Last Stand: Aftermath Patch 1.01 Provides Gameplay Improvements, Bug Fixes

The Last Stand: Aftermath
The Last Stand: Aftermath Steam

The first update for The Last Stand: Aftermath is here. Patch 1.01 provides a lot of gameplay improvements and bug fixes that may help you enjoy the game better than before.

The intensity of lightning effects and atmospheric volumetric lighting strength has been reduced. These changes not only improve visibility but may enhance the game’s overall performance as well.

You can also expect some UI enhancements. For instance, your inventory will now give you more information about your weapons, their upgrades, and item stats. This encompasses attachment bonuses, penalties, knowledge upgrades, and more.

How about bug fixes? Many set pieces and props have been repositioned to avoid instances where they block your way. Moreover, barricades will no longer block melee attacks or bullets.

Patch 1.01 Changelog

  • Tripwire-based traps now have a thicker, more visible wire. All traps now show an outline when occluded by the environment
  • M82A1 Drop is no longer purchasable with Supply (it can only be purchased with Reputation)
  • Reduced volume of crickets during the night
  • Reduced atmospheric volumetric lighting strength to improve visibility in most time/weather combinations
  • Reduced the intensity of lightning effects. It should also be slightly more efficient to render
User Interface
  • Inventory will now display upgraded weapon and item stats, rather than just the base stats. This includes bonuses and penalties from attachments, knowledge upgrades, etc.
  • Weapon attachments in the inventory will now display an icon if they are equipped (an addition to the colored tab)
Keyboard and Mouse
  • Pressing the dodge roll button will now cancel consumable item usage
  • UI prompts that require holding a button down will now respond to holding the LMB on them if mouse interaction is allowed
Knowledge Upgrades
  • Pyromania Level 4 will now correctly award and display +50% fire damage, for a total of +150%
  • Many prop and set piece positions fixed to avoid blocking navigation
  • Fixed explosions sometimes not registering damage to targets within their area-of-effect
  • Reputation multiplier is now correctly applied at the end of a run
  • Leaper infected attack should no longer clip the player into the ground
  • Improved aim-assist to help with targeting enemies that are above or below you
  • Barricades no longer block bullets or melee attacks
  • Office chairs, shopping carts, and other dynamic/movable objects should no longer obstruct the player
  • Fixed some zombies not display blood splatter visual effects when shot
  • Fixed an issue where main story quests would sometimes not restart correctly when reloading a saved game
  • Fixed an issue where some text characters were not visible if the system language was set to Turkish

The Last Stand: Aftermath Patch 1.01 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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