Last Epoch: Beta Patch 0.8.5e Nerfs Ashes of Mortality; Reworks the Humming Bee

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Builds in Last Epoch centered around the Ashes of Mortality and the Humming Bee got substantially weaker in the latest update. That’s because Beta Patch 0.8.5.e brings heavy adjustments to both of these Uniques.

Before we begin, Ward is a character stat that grants a temporary magical shield, which gets depleted first before your HP does.

That said, Ashes of Mortality is one of the new unique items introduced in a previous update. As is usually the case with new items, the community creates new builds that utilize them. One build, in particular, takes full advantage of the synergy between Ashes of Mortality and Humming Bee. This build is so good that it can potentially one-shot kill any boss in Last Epoch.

Unsurprisingly, the developers are made aware of this, and thus, have changed both unique items in Beta Patch 0.8.5e. Ashes of Mortality got nerfed significantly and now, the number of wards generated by this item based on the stacks of Ignite and Damned on the target has been reduced.

The Humming Bee essentially got reworked. This weapon no longer gives insane amounts of movement speed when you have so much ward. However, elemental attacks deal 1% increased damage per 200 Ward to compensate. The Humming Bee still grants a movement speed bonus, but it is no longer reliant on the amount of ward you have.

Patch Notes

  • The Confluence of Fate now grants 13 to 18 Fire, Necrotic, and Void Spell Damage (from 5 to 13) and is now an Oracle Amulet (from Silver Amulet)
  • Zeurial’s Hunt grants 12 to 32 bow lightning damage and throwing lightning damage (from 12 to 22)
  • Fixed a bug where Zeurial’s Hunt’s effect could be proceed by non-lightning attacks
Zerrick’s Set
  • Zerrick’s Set’s old 3-item bonus is now its 2-item bonus (its previous 2-item bonus was 54% Increased Chance To Find Potions). Its 3 Item bonus is now a 72% Increased Chance to Find Potions and 18% less poison and necrotic damage taken
  • Zerrick’s Greed now grants 130 to 390 dodge rating (from 120 to 240)
  • Zerrick’s Guile now grants 125 to 375 dodge rating (from 100 to 200)
Isadora’s Set
  • Isadora’s Revenge grants 40 to 82 health (from 40 with no range)
  • Isadora’s 3 Set Bonus now also grants a 30% Increased Damned Effect in addition to its existing bonus
Corsair’s Set
  • Changed Corsair’s Blood Cowl’s base type to Umbral Visage from Exile Hat
  • Corsair’s Blood Cowl no longer grants 17% to 35% less necrotic damage taken on block

You can read the full patch notes here.

Last Epoch is available on PC.

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