Last Epoch Brings 17 New Unique Items and Improves Ability Buffering in Beta Patch 0.8.5d

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The latest beta update for Last Epoch is here. Beta Patch 0.8.5d brings new unique items to the game that can be acquired from various sources, including the Soul Gambler, Cremorus, The Mountain Beneath, Arena Champions, Formosus, and random world drops. This update also brings improvements to ability buffering.

The new unique items are:

  • The Mountain Beneath (Stone Titan’s Heart)
    • Foot of the Mountain (Boots)
    • Face of the Mountain (Shield)
    • Core of the Mountain (Body Armor)
    • Peak of the Mountain (Helmet)
  • Cremorus
    • Ashes of Mortality (Ring)
    • Immolator’s Oblation (Belt)
    • Pyre of Affliction (Two-handed Axe)
    • Lich’s Envy (Gloves)
  • Formosus, the Undying
    • Lich’s Scorn (Off-hand Catalyst)
  • Arena Champions
    • Penumbra (Ring)
    • Omen of Thunder (Belt)
    • Vaion’s Chariot (Boots)
  • Soul Gambler
    • Soul Gambler’s Fallacy (Amulet)
    • Burning Avarice (Gloves)
    • Ashes of Orchirian (Relic)
  • Random World Drops
    • Zeurial’s Hunt (Quiver)
    • Pact Severance (One-handed Axe)

Beta Patch 0.8.5d offers a lot of new improvements as well. The first is that ability buffering has been improved, especially when you rapidly press different attack buttons. For instance, if you press ability A and the animation for the said ability is active, and then you press ability B at least once, ability B will be buffered instead of ability A, regardless of which ability was pressed last. This means that ability B will be set in motion immediately after ability A’s animation is finished.

The second is that most enemies found in the campaign, various dungeons, and the Monolith of Fate now de-aggro when they go too far from their original position. This is a pretty significant change since you can now get away from monsters without them chasing you no matter where you are on the map. However, this change does not affect bosses, mini-bosses, rare enemies, and those with high base HP.

Other improvements implemented in this update can be found below:

  • Right-clicking a dungeon key while the appropriate slot is open now always moves the key to the slot (this was already implemented for arena keys)
  • The drop rate of individual dungeon keys before level 55 is now equal to their drop rate at level 55
    • Keys can still not drop before their minimum drop level (25, 47, and 54).
    • The effect of this is a 75% increase in key drop rate at level 25, linearly scaling to no difference at level 55 or higher
Lightless Arbor
  • Tier 1 modifiers now grant much less increased damage and health but grant rare items instead of exalted items
Temporal Sanctum
  • Tier 1 Julra deals 7% less damage and has 5% less health

Last Epoch Beta Patch 0.8.5d is available on PC.

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