Last Chance To Get The 2019 Katowice War Chest In StarCraft II.

One day left to throw in your support for StarCraft eSports.
15 War Chest Splash
Last chance to get the Katowice 2019 War Chest! Blizzard

The Katowice 2019 War Chest for StarCraft II kicked off last month to signal the start of the StarCraft II competitive season. Just like with previous releases of the War Chest, this one comes with all-new in-game cosmetics, in-game bonuses, and the promise of supporting your favorite StarCraft II esports team. Additionally, players who purchase the War Chest can unlock even more bonuses and content throughout the event period, either by playing StarCraft II or by watching official streaming partners on Twitch.

This time around, the Katowice 2019 War Chest brings three complete sets of building skins to players, one for each of the game’s playable races. The building sets are designed to match certain unit skin sets, specifically the Special Forces skins for Terran, the Forged skins for the Protoss, and the Simulant skins for the Zerg.

Players have the option to purchase the entire War Chest Bundle and get access to all the War Chest has to offer, plus some extras. Purchasing the bundle rewards players with a loading screen banner for playing Random, a Tal’darim Probe Pet in Diablo III, a Classic Card Pack in Hearthstone, and a rare loot chest in Heroes of the Storm. Apart from the extras, the War Chest Bundle comes with everything that’s included in the War Chest Pass for each race.

15 War Chest Special Forces
The Special Forces skins for Terran. Photo: Blizzard

Included in the Katowice 2019 War Chest Terran Pass is the Special Forces console, portrait, and loading screen banner. Through the Terran events, players can earn the entire set of Special Forces building skins. The War Chest Terran Pass also grants players instant access to Ranked Versus, plus an experience booster for StarCraft II co-op throughout the duration of the War Chest event.

15 War Chest Forged
The Forged skins for Protoss. Photo: Blizzard

In the Protoss Pass, players get access to the Forged console, portrait, and loading screen banner. Through the Protoss events, players can complete the Forged skin collection for Protoss buildings. The Protoss Pass, purchased individually, also nets players instant access to Ranked 1v1 and a co-op XP boost for faster commander leveling.

15 War Chest Simulant
The Simulant skins for Zerg. Photo: Blizzard

Players who buy the Zerg Pass individually get the Simulant console, portrait, and loading screen banners. The Zerg Events give players the chance to earn all of the building skins in the Simulant skin set. Just like with the Terran and Protoss passes, the Zerg Pass give players immediate access to Ranked Versus and get them the co-op XP boost as well.

Don't forget, the Katowice 2019 War Chest is only available until March 15. Players who get it now will still be able to enjoy all of the loot and bonuses included, and will have until April 11 to progress through the War Chest events. 

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