KovaaK 2.0 Update Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Palette Support, And More

KovaaK 2.0  new update
KovaaK 2.0 new update Steam

KovaaK 2.0 is an aim trainer that helps you work on your aim and warm up before matches. Developer The Meta recently released a new update for KovaaK 2.0 which implements a few bug fixes and adds new UI changes such as palette support, which allows you to customize the colors of new UI widgets.

KovaaK 2.0 Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing “Fatal Error” crashes and have an AMD card, please visit the link below. There was a known issue that AMD fixed in an update in January, but it appears that newer versions of their drivers do not include this fix:


  • Added option to customize the colors of the new UI widgets under Settings -> UI. (Return of palette support)
  • Searching for scenarios now treats each “word” in the search individually, so searching for “IC Cata” will return all instances of “Cata IC” too.
  • Moved “Friends Only” option to the Leaderboard widget itself.
  • On the Challenge Completion screen, swapped the order of “Next” and “Stop” for Playlists to match the order of non-playlist for “Play Again” and “Freeplay” (Play again/next will be on left, Stop/Freeplay will be on the right).
  • Performance optimization: scenarios with large numbers of bots should have higher framerates than before.
  • Greatly improved performance/speed of sorting online scenarios (this also makes the game load faster since the sort function is called once at the beginning).
  • Revealed numeric values for floor & wall values for roughness/metallic/fullbright on Settings->Visual.
  • Added map parser support for “Kill Volumes” that kill characters that touch it: Using the Reflex Arena map editor, create a brush and set its material to “blackout”.
  • Updated navigation in Trainer to add social links and make it less easy to accidentally logout.
  • Better graphing of performance in Stats section of the Trainer.


  • Fixed crash bug related to DX11 for some users
  • Colors selected in the settings menu for walls/floors/character will now be accurately translated to in-game colors.
  • When changing sort order or search filter in scenario/playlist browser, the window will now scroll back to the top.
  • When playing a Playlist and an Online Scenario is unavailable, a pop-up will ask whether to skip that scenario or cancel the Playlist. (the scenario will no longer be deleted from the Playlist)
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