KovaaK Update Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Performance Boosts, And More

KovaaK 2.0  new update
KovaaK 2.0 new update Steam

Developer The Meta recently released a new update for KovaaK 2.0 which implements a lot of bug fixes and adds new optimizations for the training tool. Along with the new update, they are working on gathering more data for future patches.

KovaaK 2.0 helps you work on your aim and warm up before matches. The Meta added in many changes to its aim down sight system which will help you develop muscle memory while you shoot. Some performance changes have also been made to the Workshop.

KovaaK Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Significant performance optimizations in Sandbox (the bigger/more complex the map, the bigger the gain)
  • Simple walls/floors are being generated differently in the engine now, which means that lighting will be different in some circumstances. You might want to tweak your Settings -> Visuals tab a little bit
  • Added “-novid” command line parameter to skip the intro video.
  • Added “DPS” and “KPS” to the challenge end screen when mousing over damage and kills text
  • Made “ADS” on Hotbar highlight when it’s in use (some users were unaware of the change from last patch where ADS now affects all weapons by reducing sensitivity per the “Zoom Sens Multiplier”)
  • Added Dodge Profile options for separate Forward/Backward time multipliers
  • Added Dodge Profile options for toggling Forward/Backward on taking damage


  • We have turned on analytics to collect data about game usage patterns so we know where best to focus our development, and you will be required to accept a EULA. We will not be selling this data to third parties or use it for any advertising purposes
  • The scope of the data we're looking at is limited to what screens/events happen in-game. We want to better understand usage of the software, optimize performance, and prioritize feature development according to what we find with this data
  • This is very similar to the data that Steam already collects (stuff like which scenarios you guys are playing), but Steam doesn’t share that data with us


  • Fixed performance hitch on start of scenarios from Workshop
  • Fixed issue where Steam sends scenarios with an additional space before the file extension, making some scenarios unloadable on old versions of the game.
  • Better support for 4:3 resolutions in the new Sandbox UI
  • Fixed bugged playlists with illegal characters in the names
  • Bots that hold jump the entire time will no longer get stuck on the ground
  • Fixed Dodge Profile editor Main tab inputs having wrong acceptable range of values
  • Fixed bug with Playlists asking if you wanted to save changes after nothing had changed
  • Fixed issue with Leaderboards being visible while moving UI elements around
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