Knockout City Season 8 High Society Heist Now Live, Patch Notes Here

Ready for some dodge BRAWL?
Ready for some dodge BRAWL? Velan Studios

Knockout City, the free-to-play dodgeball game, received much content today. Season 8 High Society Heist went live just now and it brings a 100-level brawl pass, a new league play season, a new special ball, and much more.

The season also adds Brags and Jukebox Tracks to the Customization Menu. Player Hideout now features interactive objects, and the Sludge Works map received one important change. The sludge pipe area between Boba Cola and Trash areas now has one more Ball Spawner, bringing the total to six.

You can read the highlights of the season below.

  • It’s time to join the Red Hand Crew and Police Commissioner Chase in an epic cat-and-mouse game of noir-themed dodgebrawl adventures!
  • The heinous henchmen of the Foot Clan are here! Bebop and Rocksteady are ready to rumble in Knockout City, and the TMNT Villains Bundle will set you up with Poses and Outfits to become the baddest mutants this side of the ooze!
  • New 100-Level Brawl Pass with new Weekly Brawl Pass Contracts and premium rewards at every level including Outfits, Gliders, Poses, Holobux, and other Heist-themed cosmetics to get your dirty mitts on.
  • New League Play Season featuring Team KO and a new set of cosmetic rewards for the most skilled and competitive brawlers in the city.
  • New Weekly Crew Contracts with heist-themed Crew Cosmetics all Season long for you and your Crew to earn together.
  • Here’s a tricky new Special Ball that’s tailor-made to cause chaos and mischief. The Poison Ball deals normal damage on impact, and also produces a green cloud of harmful knockout gas when it hits any surface or player, causing damage over time to any brawlers inside!
  • The knockout gas is a more powerful version of the damage-over-time effect from the Danger Zone and other sources. Partial damage will heal itself slowly over time if you exit the gas cloud before a full heart of damage is dealt.
  • The Poison Ball doesn’t disappear after impact, so brawlers can use a single Poison Ball to unleash multiple gas clouds!
  • Crew Vehicle: Added a new feature to instantly jump to the Street Play Menu by pressing the on-screen button prompt when near the vehicle.
  • Special Ball Spawners in the Target Dummy area of the Hideout have been replaced by new Ball Dispensers. Follow the on-screen prompts to select and spawn any Special Ball you’d like to practice with!
  • Added a new Energy Drink Cooler near the grill in the Hideout. Follow the prompts to quickly open your Energy Drink menu, and note the amount of active time left on your current Energy Drink at a glance.

Knockout City Season 8 High Society Heist also features bug fixes and improvements. You can read the complete patch notes via the official site.

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