Knockout City Online Servers Shutting Down Permanently June 6

Ready for some dodge BRAWL?
Ready for some dodge BRAWL? Velan Studios

Knockout City, the multiplayer dodgeball game developed by Velan Studios, will be shut down on June 6, 2023. This news has come as a shock to the game’s dedicated player base, which has been enjoying the fast-paced, multiplayer action of the game since May 2021.

The shutdown is a decision by the developer. The New York-based studio said that the game failed to retain a respectable player base and that’s why it’s time to move on. However, June 6 is a few months away and players can expect more content in the meanwhile.

The upcoming Season 9 is still on the way and will launch on February 28. Players can expect new content like a new map, brawl pass, events, and much more. But when the season goes live, players won’t be able to purchase Holobux anymore.

PC players will also be glad to know that they can still play it via private servers after June 6. So, you can create a lobby with friends and experience a tense match of dodgeball. Only the online server, in-game store, and further development are closing down.

About the Game

Knockout City is a multiplayer game where players team up to play rounds of dodgeball against each other in a variety of areas. The matches take place in a 3v3 format and every player has two health bars. Hitting the player twice knocks them out and the team with the most KO wins. Players can customize their dodgeballs, perform power shots, and use a variety of techniques to take out opponents.

Other Games Shutting Down

Knockout City isn’t the only live service game kicking the bucket. Just a few days ago, Epic Games announced that its six-month-old title, Rumbleverse, will be shut down. Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Back 4 Blood, also revealed the shutdown of the game’s development as well. The gaming industry is extremely competitive and only a small number lasts for years and even decades.

You can read the official blog for more information.

So, what do you think? Have you played Knockout City before? Are you planning to play it before the servers hit the dust? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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