Check Out Kirby: Star Allies Nintendo Switch 10-Minute Gameplay Video

Kirby and friends can do anything together!
Kirby and friends can do anything together! Nintendo

The pink puffball and friends will land on the Nintendo Switch in the latest Kirby: Star Allies. The new side-scrolling adventure platformer finds Kirby traveling with companions (hence the name “Star Allies”) and leaning on them to use their special abilities. For instance, Kirby can team up with his companions to combine his moves with their attacks in order to create something that hasn’t been seen in a Kirby game since Kirby: Squeak Squad on the Nintendo DS in 2006.

The 10-minute Nintendo Switch gameplay video shows Kirby leading a pack of his CPU-controlled friends as he dons his infamous green cap and Sword ability. Kirby’s able to combine his Sword power with his friends’ unique attacks to beef up the Sword in several situations. There are also moments where Kirby and the rest of his gang team up for powerful moves that make Kirby’s vanilla attacks look like child’s play.

Otherwise, Kirby: Star Allies looks just like you’d expect a new 3D Kirby game to look, with bright and colorful graphics, familiar characters and enemies, and the same powers you’ve seen throughout the rest of the series. It truly shines when you team up with friends to create moves like the Sizzle Sword, where Kirby wields a flaming sword and totally decimates the competition. As shown in the gameplay, Kirby also cuts down an enormous bomb with this power. Moments like these really drive home how important using Kirby’s buddies’ individual powers are, and they should make for some great co-op moments.

Kirby: Star Allies is developed by HAL Laboratory and is projected for a March 16 release this year. It’s been a great couple months for Kirby fans, with the most recent game for Nintendo 3DS, Kirby: Battle Royale, offering another way to watch the cuddly pink character interact with new and old characters like King Dedede, who will also make an appearance in Kirby: Star Allies. If you’re looking for your first brush with Kirby on Switch, you don’t need to wait that much longer. Just make sure you’ve got some friends along for the ride.

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