NeuroSlicers Is In Pre-Alpha Until August 31

Learn more about the game.
Learn more about the game. Dream Harvest

NeuroSlicers announced that it is currently in a pre-alpha phase, which means that players can join in anytime until August 31 through the game’s official Discord account here. Those who are able to join the pre-alpha can help with the development of NeuroSlicers by providing feedback. The game is expected to be fully released for the PC in 2021.

NeuroSlicers takes place in the post-cyberpunk city of Catena where players take the role of a Slicer. The game offers solo and co-op RTS modes, along with PvP and PvPvE gamplay. The core of all the action that NeuroSlicers offers is fast thinking units that can manage their own micro-strategies, giving players the freedom to be able to manage higher level elements.

In a post, developer Dream Harvest said that their goal with NeuroSlicers was to come up with “an RTS game that really shakes up the genre.” In order to offer a more modern format along with a community-driver experience, NeuroSlicers puts focus on strategic action. As already mentioned, there are AI-driven units that remove the need for micro-management, allowing the player to focus more on fast-paced tactical decisions.

Even during the pre-alpha, players are able to experience an excellent level of customization. For example, instead of the typical faction upgrade tech trees, the game instead offers a swappable tech system. With this, players can choose to earn, craft, change, and even level-up customizable Node Tech, Scripts and Mods in order to be able to manage what is clearly an ever-evolving battlefield. Then there is territory control and resource management as well as upgrading and placement of buildings. All of these are available at the player’s fingertips to make sure that it’s all about mental agility instead of how fast one can click.

In summary, the pre-alpha features:

  • First of two Solo Campaign missions set within ‘the Construct’.
  • 1v1 and 2v2 Competitive PVP with Ranking system.
  • Escalation PvPvE, which ramps up the difficulty as players get better at the game.
  • Fully voiced cast of characters, each with Contracts to complete.
  • Script (Units, Turrets and Powers) levelling and customization for the Solo and PVPVE modes.
  • 12 upgradable Scripts (Units, Turrets and Powers) and two Faction Tech paths to choose from, each with a whole set of Node Buildings that completely change the gameplay.

What do you think? Are you willing to give NeuroSlicers a chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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