Kingdoms Update 0.535 Fixes Bugged Roads, Patch Notes Here

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

You can add one more update to the long list of updates of Kingdoms. The latest patch is a small one that released on August 14, which addressed some very important issues. The update is focused mostly on bug fixes. The 0.535 update fixed the previous road calculation bug that was added in the game via the update prior. All the roads have been fixed and there is no need for a new game. The update also added the ability to destroy the notice board if the location needs to be changed.

The complete patch notes of the patch are mentioned below and on the official site.



  • Fixed issue when roads calculation could create a loop, creating roads over and over again;
  • Looped roads from #1 were deleted in order to make save file working again without further issue, though game will calculate roads again;
  • Fixed issue with performance drops during sleeping, crafting or waiting. caused by backgrounds calculations;
  • Bandit's raids were tweaked a bit: now they can attack only if player is near by;
  • Fixed issue when leader could count watch towers and city hall as his own house, trying to use it for needs purpose - eating and sleeping, causing various logic bugs;
  • Fixed issue when AI leader couldn't properly use City Hall animation places;
  • Fixed issue when player couldn't use City Hall's chest after killing settlement's leader and taking it;
  • Now player can destroy notice board if it's location should be changed;
  • Fixed issue when AI build their buildings on well and notice board created by player (new game needed);
  • Pathfinding calculation distance was changed for 30m to 15m in order to include many objects that use occlusion culling (object is enabled only when it's visible by camera) were correctly included to pathfinding grid;
  • House setting script for AI was changed a bit in order to remove buildings corners floating above or under earth sometimes (new game needed);
  • Fixed rare issue when game could stuck at populated world calculation;
  • Fixed rare issue when player couldn't establish new settlement and could move when management window was active;
  • Russian translation was updated;

So what do you think? Did you encounter any of these bugs before? Is there any other bug that you want to report? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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