Kingdoms Update 0.679: New Quests, Slower Movement, and Bug Fixes

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Kingdoms, the procedurally-generated medieval game by Oreal, received an update this week. Patch 0.679 brings new content, makes some changes to the gameplay, and of course, fixes some bugs.

Four new quests are added to the game and you can start them by visiting the Leader and the Farmer. New quest goal types like "destroy bandit's lair" and "talk to someone" are added as well. From now on, a new quest begins immediately after the end of a different quest. This can create a chain of story quests in the future.

For realism, players now move slower when they are climbing a slope or moving backward. From now on, the next objective will be automatically marked after completing a quest, so you won’t have to open the journal every time.



  • New quest was added, "Leader asks to destroy bandit's lair."
  • New quest was added, "Farmer asks to destroy nearby bandit's lair."
  • New quest was added, "Go and talk to leader about nearby lair."
  • New quest was added, "Go to leader and talk about nearby ruins."
  • New quest goal type was added, "destroy bandits lair."
  • New quest goal type was added, "talk to someone."
  • Now ending one quest can immediately start a new quest, making it possible to create large "chain" story quests.
  • Now quests with nearby locations will be given only if the quest location (ruins, lair, etc.) is really near.
  • Backward moving speed was decreased to improve both archery and melee. Now players can't move backward and attack without being hit back.
  • Moving up the slope now a bit slower.
  • Now, after completing quest objectives, it will automatically mark the next objective. No need to click the quest in the journal every time.


  • Fixed issue when settlement leader could be stuck at one place for quite a long period when managing settlement laws, politics, and defense.
  • Fixed issue when quest randomized worked incorrectly giving "bring berries" quest at the first turn most of the time.
  • Fixed issue when two leaders are asking to scout for the same ruins player could finish quests only in chronological order.
  • Fixed issue when finish questline in bring-item quest types was looped sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when one settler could give several quests a day sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when after destroying bandits lair, player progressed as risk-taker, now in "commander" perks as it was initially designed.

The complete changelog is available on the official website as well.

You can purchase Kingdoms from Steam for a measly $9.99. Keep in mind that the game is currently in early access so expect some bugs.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are you planning to play these new quests? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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