Kingdoms Update 0.533 Patch Notes: AI Management System Reworked

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms received a very important update yesterday. Update 0.533 completely reworked the AI management system. The AI is now much smarter than before and can now make preparations for a settlement's siege mechanics. The update also quashed several bugs.

Previously, the AI settlements were very bare-bones. They didn’t have any defense towers, city halls, or guards, and tax collectors didn’t collect the tax. From now on, all of this will happen. However, make sure that you start a completely new world for these new systems to kick in, as playing in the old world might create some visual bugs like missing walls and floating boards.

You can read about all the changes made by this update below and on the official site.

Kingdoms 0.533 Update Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue when settlement leader didn't go to owned tavern/shop/manufactory if having such;
  • AI management system was completely rewritten and reworked in order to fix various issues;
  • Fixed issue when well and notice board placement in AI's settlements was on other side of the map sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when bandits had notice boards and well in their lairs sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when walls are being built all over the map in AI's settlements sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when both notice-board and well became red after placing them;
  • Fixed issue when player could move after entering "FINANCES MANAGEMENT" window;
  • Fixed issue when settlement script can cause fps drops when leader of settlement was killed or missing;
  • Fixed rare issue when AI tried to take jobs from notice-board using scripts from 2017 build, causing overall fps drops and lags;
  • Fixed issue when walls of AI settlement can cross with walls in player's settlement causing various visual bugs;
  • AI now can hire City Hall staff - tax collector, ambassador, council, general and guards and manage city finances and taxes depending on various perks like trading-, commanding-ones;
  • AI now can build City Hall in settlement;
  • AI now can build Watch Towers depending on settlement size, Tower type depends on leaders commanding perks;
  • Rocks colliders parameters were tweaked a bit in order to properly exclude them from navigation grid and fix "walking trough" stones issue;
  • Fixed guards animations in second floor of City Hall;
  • Tax collector "collecting" radius was tweaked in order to speed up his work a bit;
  • Fixed issue when "roads calculation" could pop-up while sleeping or waiting;
  • House set-up script was changed a bit in order to speed up populated world generation;
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