Kingdoms Update 0.495 Patch Notes: AI Improvements And Bug Fixes

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

A new patch for Kingdoms was released on July 17. The update is mostly focused on bug fixing, however, one new feature has been added. You can now help your AI so that they can build faster. You can also give resources to AI houses in your settlement. Each given resource will grant you a +1 friendship point. The developers at Oreol have promised that more changes regarding this are on the way.

Anyway, you can read all the bug fixes that were resolved by this update below or on the official site.

Kingdoms Update 0.495 Patch Notes


  • Fixed issue when some soldiers were running in place when sending them to war-camp
  • Fixed issue when soldiers didn't go to gathering spot at warcamp when being far away from the settlement
  • Fixed issue when AI or player could set a house too close to a warcamp
  • Fixed issue when roads calculation window stayed enabled even when calculation was over and players could move
  • Fixed issue when roads calculation could go wrong when player hit pause button during roads generation
  • Fixed physics parameters on various doors in houses
  • Fixed issue when houses door was inaccessible when house was standing in hilly terrain
  • When building a farm or bandits lair players now in the same conditions as AI - can't build farm and lair closer that 100m to other lair, farm or settlement
  • Fixed issue when army formations prefab was visible in the sky
  • Fixed issue when AI could build a house too close to city gates, blocking it
  • Both players and AI can't build a structure closer than 30m to city gates
  • Fixing false warcamp UI elements positions when using various screen resolutions
  • Farm names added to global map icon in order to make orientation on the map a bit easier
  • Fixed issue when players couldn't destroy owned buildings in the settlement where player wasn't a leader
  • Fixed issue when player became stuck in place after fighting an animal
  • Now structures can't be set too close to the water - both for player and AI
  • Creating of populated world was sped up a bit
  • Now player can help building houses in owned settlement, gaining friendship with house owner
  • Fixed issue when central info text was visible when global map was open
  • Fixed issue when players build empty houses and the finished houses weren't added to houses owned by player
  • Some changes were made to the AI fighting script in order to increase performance;
  • Fixed issue when player couldn't track settlers from notice board when other location was tracking using global map
  • Fixed issue players save could be broken due to incorrect save of items in various houses (new game needed)
  • Russian translation was updated
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