Kingdoms Update 0.515 Makes Changes To ‘No War’ Option, Patch Notes Here

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

The randomly generated open-world RPG game Kingdoms continues to receive support from its developers. That’s expected, because the game is still in Early Access, even five years after its initial release. The game received another update today that is mostly focused on bug fixing, but some tweaks to the Settlement's treasure chest were made and the Russian translation was improved.

Thanks to today’s update, now you can access the Settlement’s treasure test via the commander’s chest in your war camp. The update also lets soldiers equip items when they are in the camp. The “No war” option will not stop you from building settlements anymore, however, you can’t create or manage war camps with this setting enabled.

You can read the complete patch notes below or on the official site.



  • Fixed issue when player couldn't join bandits gang and dialog looped
  • Fixed issue when quests lines where visible during usual conversation - about teaching or help in settlement
  • Fixed issue commanding perks icons and bandits icons had wrong textures
  • Fixed issue when player was unable to speak with settlers after speaking with bandit
  • Fixed issue when animals could move during "warning" animations
  • Pop-up message was added, when player tries to build new house when having another scaffold to build
  • Fixed issue city gates could have wrong height position after loading
  • Now player can build multiple settlements when "no war" option is enabled
  • Now its impossible to create and manage war-camp when "no war" option is enabled
  • Fixed issue when soldier could take all items from the chest when equipping an item
  • Now soldiers automatically equip items when being in war camp
  • Settlement's treasure chest now can be accessible right from commanders chest in war-camp
  • Fixed issue when AI still could use tree's coordinates when tree was disabled by road or structure
  • Now player can change settlers job to "Milita" right in dialog
  • Now player can change rank of soldier right in dialog
  • Sunrays intensity was decreased a bit, color change script was changed
  • Fixed issue when equipped items weren't shown correctly on the soldier
  • Russian translation was updated
  • Now when pressing "Changelog" in main menu you'll automatically open all changelogs in Steam community
  • Fixed issue when wall was unable to build sometimes, when previous wall had active barricade
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