Kingdoms 0.11a Patch Notes: Script Issues, AI Issues Fixed

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

Oreol, the developer of medieval RPG Kingdoms, has introduced multiple bug fixes and some changes to the AI fighting script in its latest update. The developers have also tweaked the house script, so that world generation is faster.

Multiple AI issues have been addressed in the latest update, and some bugs such as the AI resuming the fight while on pause mode and AI not looking at the enemy while hitting were also fixed. Some animation issues with AI hands have also been updated.

Kingdoms Update 0.11a Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Fixed issue when walls rails could be incorrectly moved by X or Z due to script error;
  • Fixed issue when message "too close to the wall" wasn't showed correctly;
  • Walls of discovered settlements are now visible on the global map;
  • Fixed issue when mouse cursor became invisible after player's death, making it impossible to load a save;
  • Fixed issue, when animation models (hammers, brooms etc.) weren't disabled in AI hands when fighting;
  • Fixed issue, when fighting settlers rotation and pathfinding were calculated incorrect;
  • Fixed issue, when AI could continue fighting when pause is on;
  • Fixed issue, when AI could slide to enemy when hitting animation was still playing;
  • Fixed issue. when AI didn't look at the enemy when hitting;
  • Fixed issue, when player could endlessly build and destroy bandits lairs, farming infinite exp, fame and reputation;
  • Fixed issue, when bandits didn't attack the player even if he wasn't their leader;
  • Fixed issue, when player received no damage from the bandits;
  • House placing script was tweaked a bit in order to make populated world generation a little faster;


  1. Please, feel free to use built-in bug reporter - it will help development a lot.
  2. If something is broken make sure you have verified game files and started new world, remember Kingdoms is still EA, I try to make save compability for every new version of the game, but can't guarantee it all the time.
  3. The game is still in development, it's NOT finished product, updates are coming 3-4 times a week and that will inevitably cause various issues. Updates for game in development and for finished game - are two absolutely different things, remember that. Game mechanics come and gone, bugs are being fixed and new ones appear all the time. Its a normal thing for development process. If you want to experience Kingdoms as it was initially designed - smooth, unbuggy and full of working mechanics - please, wait till final version will be out.Thanks for your support, see you very soon!Cyfieithydd**
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