Kingdoms 0.453 Update Patch Notes: AI, Settlement Issues Fixed

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Oreol, the developer of Kingdoms, has introduced multiple bug fixes and AI script changes to the procedural RPG. Some issues with the warcamp, such as smoke not being deleted properly after a save file and icons being duplicated while using diplomacy maps, were also fixed. The AI and settlements scripts were adjusted to increase performance as well. You can use the in-game bug reporter to help the developers find and fix bugs easily, which will help in the development of the game.

Kingdoms Update 0.453 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Fixed issue when quest giver icon was still visible when reaching destination;
  • Info about guards number was added to diplomact window;
  • Fixed issue when general wasn't count as part of the army on diplomacy screen;
  • Now player can't hire more soldiers than commanders perk require, guards number is still unlimited;
  • Max army size, that depends on commander perks were tweaked - 20, 40, 75, 105;
  • Now player can have army up to 10, even without basic commanding perk;
  • When generating places for soldiers in war camp it rotates random in order to find best spot;
  • Fixed issue when positions for soldiers in war camp were calculated incorrect;
  • Fixed issue when some icons on the map could be duplicated;
  • When reaching warcamp smoke disappears and pop-up message appears;
  • Fixing issue when AI wall wasn't calculated correctly sometimes at world generation - now AI sets a wall when 6 houses are build making walls not so massive right at start;
  • Fixed issue when war camp icon was shown on non-diplomacy map, making finding camps by smokes kinda pointless;
  • Some changes were made in AI and settlements scripts in order to increase performance;
  • Fixed issue when text on some buttons was calculated incorrect sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when "Diplomacy" button didn't react on pressing sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when war camp icon could be duplicated when using diplomacy map;
  • Fixed issue when warcamp smoke wasn't deleted properly after save/load;
  • Fixed issue when warcamp icon was created instead of settlement icon when using diplomacy map in player's settlement;
  • Calculation of a random point for AI after landing was changed in order to make AI spreading across the island a little smoother;
  • "Join" distance for settlers were decreased to 300m in order to make smoother AI spreading across the island;
  • Fixed issue when war-camp smoke object was attached as child to wrong settlement;
  • Army now can be withdraw back to settlement after sending to warcamp;
  • "Send army" button is now context - its function now depends on current army status;
  • Fixed issue when AI didn't leave his or her service in the army when changing social role using message board;
  • Fixed issue when changing war camp position army send button wasn't calculated properly;
  • AI pathfinding script was changed a bit in order to make local avoidance more accurate;
  • Fixed issue when AI stood still after withdrawing from war camp;
  • Fixed issue when taken settlement after killing a leader wasn't properly added to players kingdom (new game required, if you have conquered settlements);
  • Now it's impossible to send army to war camp without having it set;
  • Fixed issue when wall in settlement where player spawns in Populated mode was calculated incorrect sometimes;
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