Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Offers Potential Disney Worlds List

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Xehanort
Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks suggest a world list that includes Toy Story and many other returning favorites. Files from a development partner provide the evidence. Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated for PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Square Enix/Disney

Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks have surfaced new worlds and magic spells over the past few weeks, but the game’s reddit community has truly stumbled upon something substantial. Thanks to user Rum3637 with a little help from mvitkun, we have what appears to be a partial list of confirmed worlds.

It goes without saying that SPOILERS for Kingdom Hearts 3 follow this break. If you don’t want to know these secrets, let your keyblade guide you elsewhere. The worlds listed below come from data strings found in the same source material as the recent Monsters, Inc. screenshots.  Before tackling the subject of validity, here’s the full list of locales and items referenced in the files.

  • Twilight Town
  • Mysterious Tower
  • Olympus [HE]: Files denote ties to a hammer, Hercules doll, stone blocks and pillars
  • Kingdom of Corona (Tangled/Rapunzel) [RA]: Mention made to bonfires, cliffs, swamps, wetlands and a tower door. Weirdly, it seems to be mixed with files related to Tarzan as well.
  • Galaxy Toys (Toy Story) [TS]: References to an Android Robot, Gigas, Gumball machine and a doll stage.
  • San Fransokyo
  • Monstropolis
  • Arendelle [FZ02]: Tons of icicle and crystal files seemingly confirm this one.
  • 100 Acre Woods [PO]: Data shows links to a honeypot, rabbit house and scarecrow
  • Radiant Garden [RG]: Leaks suggest a world with a castle, computer room and lots of pipes
  • Disney Castle [DC]: Evidence says a library bookshelf, fireplace and dog bed are important here.
  • Land Of Departure, Daybreak Plaza or Daybreak Palace [DP]: This part of the leak has lots of files related to castles and cathedrals.

While this data can’t be completely confirmed, the source thread goes a long way toward figuring out where it came from and establishing its validity. Upon a close analysis of the incomplete files, it was mvitkun who called attention to an XAC logo with ties to a Shanghai-based support studio called XPEC Art Center. The company generally assists in asset creation for PS4 and Xbox One games and was a notable contributor to Square Enix’s 2016 RPG, Final Fantasy XV. Eager Kingdom Hearts fans took the investigation one step further and traced the IP address of the leaker to a location about 90 minutes from the XAC building. In other words, either this leak is an elaborate fake, or it’s coming from a very real place.

If the information is to believed, however, one thing we’ll stress again is that it doesn’t appear to be a complete world list. After all, despite seeing screenshots of the world itself, there were no files or folders related to Monsters, Inc. found here. So, if your favorite Disney property isn’t featured that doesn’t necessarily exclude it from the final game. If evidence from the screenshots is any indication, XAC’s involvement could trace all the way back to February of last year. Regardless of when these files were made, it’s clear we weren’t supposed to see them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated to release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

What do you think of this Kingdom Hearts 3 world leak? Are there any missing favorites that should be there? Tell us in the comments section!

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