Kingdom Hearts 3 Water Magic & Other Abilities Possibly Leaked

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Astro Blaster
Kingdom Hearts 3 may feature water magic according to a new datamine of Kingdom Hearts 0.2. Evidence of a Holy spell or ability was found as well. Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated for PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Square Enix/Disney

Kingdom Hearts 3 magic information has potentially leaked via a recent datamine of Kingdom Hearts 0.2. A small group of fans, including Keytotruth, 13th Vessel, Svenchu and others has found a way to peek at the files of the demo, and they potentially have huge relevance to the 2018 game.

While most of the team’s early findings focused on new character models and unused sections of Destiny Islands, Keytotruth recently posted a spreadsheet with some rather curious details pertaining to magic, including what appear to be two new elemental types: Holy and Water. While only one tier for the Holy ability exists, there are four entries for water: Water, Watera, Waterga and Watergun. These same tiers exist for Blizzard, Thunder and the other playable magic types in the game. Water magic can also be mixed with these other elements, if names like WaterFire and WaterBlizzard are anything to go by. This essentially suggests water-based magic was considered for use in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 and possibly Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 magic leak
This spreadsheet potentially leaks some magic abilities found in Kingdom Hearts 3. Photo: Keytotruth

Several clues in the files suggest 0.2 and the third-installment share a code base. For one, strings for the lower tiers of magic spells exist, despite never being used in this game. There’s also an unused listing for Aero magic, which we’ve seen Sora use in trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3, and that spell isn’t in 0.2. While not officially confirmed, the larger implication to be made here is that both of these Unreal Engine games share data.

This link might help us further explain the unused Holy ability. Since it doesn’t have tiers like a traditional magic spell would, our best guess is it may be a very unfinished asset that will be given proper tiers by the time Kingdom Hearts 3 makes it to market. It’s also possible Holy relates to the Holy Burst sleight from Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories. That attack combined Riku and Mickey’s abilities, so many Aqua was intended to do the same when partnered with Mickey towards the end of 0.2.

As with all datamines, it’s difficult to say what the information might mean for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 or Kingdom Hearts 3. However, in the absence of official news from Square Enix, these findings are pretty interesting.

This leak arrives just days after fans unearthed what appears to be an image of a Monsters Inc. world from the upcoming game. Those details are equally unverified, but it’s potentially telling that the evidence has yet to be debunked. It’s a sharp contrast to the vast majority of Kingdom Hearts leaks that are almost immediately disproven. This news combined with the world reveal stand to be pretty exciting for future Keyblade wielders.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated to release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

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