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Discover the lost.
Discover the lost. IronOak Games

For The King has released its newest Adventure Pack, Lost Civilization. It brings new content to the game like the new Jungle Falls zone and two new playable characters, among many others. The new pack is available on Steam and is currently offered at $5.99.

New Adventure Pack

Features of the Lost Civilization Adventure Pack include:

  • Jungle Falls Realm
    • Get to explore this lush jungle forest and see what awaits in its dense wood. Just be careful of the dangers that hide in the shadows.
  • ​Two New Playable Characters
    • Choose between the Astronomer who makes use of dark energy or the Gladiator who’s all about offense and glory that comes with winning.
  • ​Arena Battles
    • Get to defeat waves of enemies in new gladiator arenas and in front of a wild and cheering crowd.
  • ​New Weapons
    • Join the fight with the highly destructive wands or the powerful dual-wield weapons.
  • New Enemies and Loot
    • Go after enemies that include giant snakes and even petrifying golems. The greater the danger the better the reward. There are more than 50 new enemies standing guard over at least 90 new items.

New Armor

For The King announced as well that a brand new armor is now available exclusively on its Discord server. Dubbed as the Queen’s Armor, it can be used in the main game and all of the expansions.

Pre-DLC Update

Before the release of the new Adventure Pack, For The King released the Pre-DLC Update v1.1. Two main changes were increased speed of the base game and optimized overall game performance.

Other changes included were those related to engineering, visuals, gameplay, and audio. Read all about that here.

For The King is a game that combines strategy and JRPG combat with rogue-like elements added. Each playthrough is unique due to the procedural maps, quests, and events. Players get to experience a brutal and fast-paced turn-based combat that utilizes a unique slot system for attacks as well as special abilities.

You can get For The King on Steam. A Deluxe Edition is also available which has the base game and the new adventure pack.

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