Killer Queen Black Launching on Xbox February 23

Coming to a new platform soon.
Coming to a new platform soon. Liquid Bit

Killer Queen Black is launching on the Xbox Game Pass on February 23. With cross-platform support available on the same day, more players can battle. Indeed, the new platform is an excellent addition considering that the game has already been released to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Get Some 4v4 Action

Killer Queen Black is a multiplayer platformer that offers 4v4 battles. One player takes on the role of a Queen while the rest plays as drones. Unlike your typical platformer, the game offers players three different ways to win.

There’s the Military victory when the team kills the Queen of the opposing side three times. Players can make this happen by using four weapons: the sword, morning star, laser, and stinger. The Economic victory, meanwhile, happens when the drones successfully collected berries and placed them in all the holes of their hive. Lastly, the Snail victory requires a drone to ride a very slow snail toward the team’s goal.

With different ways to win and various personalities of the players involved, each match is sure to be fun. This is why a lot of players continue to have trouble mastering the game.

Making the fights more exciting are the seven single-screen maps. Unlike other platformers where players can lose track of where the others are, the entire match gives all players an equal perspective. This makes it that much easier to follow not only for the players fighting but also those watching the match.

Game Pass

Through Xbox's party system, it becomes much easier to form a team. Players can also take advantage of the platforms’ party and voice chat series.

In a statement, Liquid Bit co-founder Matt Tesch said that the Xbox is an excellent platform for the game. With all of the tools the platform offers, it's easier to dive right into the game.

Learn more about the Xbox Game Pass before the game drops here.

Killer Queen Black is available on PC through Steam and currently on sale at $9.99. The Nintendo Switch version is offered at $19.99 and available in Physical Edition and Digital Edition.

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