Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Arriving at Steam in Autumn

Something to be excited about.
Something to be excited about. Clifftop Games

Kathy Rain's Director’s Cut version is coming out sometime in autumn this year. This upcoming version brings more puzzles for players to solve along with new areas just waiting to be explored. It’s also going to offer an extended story, which should make original players happy.

The game is a point-and-click game set in 1995 and follows the story of Kathy Rain, a journalism major who learns that her grandfather had died. With her notepad, she gets behind the wheel of her motorcycle and travels back to her hometown where she must discover more about his grandfather’s death and solve the local mystery that accompanies it. As she gets a little deeper, many questions start to arise and it seems that the truth may be as dark and sinister as one would expect.

For Director’s Cut, the storyline has been extended along with a prolonged ending. There are also hundreds of new dialogues and various new areas added as well. Speaking of extended, the upcoming version features a remixed soundtrack to provide a new experience, particularly in new chapters.

This new version of the game includes new major puzzle chains on top of modified existing puzzles to make things more interesting. Fans of the original version can look forward to seeing five new designs for the motorcycle and use them to customize the Katmobile.

Other changes to the game include the game environment being enlarged to fill up the whole screen and remove the black bars on the sides, and more character animations. The Director’s Cut even offers better shadows and lighting plus additional weather effects.

For the UI, the mouse controls have been streamlined to offer a more intuitive single-click interface. Controller support has been improved as well, letting players lean back in their chairs and have better direct control of Kathy.

Finally, developer Clifftop Games revealed that Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut has death sequences. Indeed, that should make anticipation for this game even higher.

You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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