Point-And-Click Kathy Rain Is Now Available For Free On Steam For A Day

From the creators of Whispers of a Machine
Kathy Rain is still free for a few more hours.
Kathy Rain is still free for a few more hours. Raw Fury

For the sake of exposing myself to more point-and-click games, I thought I’d follow up my playthrough of Whispers of a Machine with Clifftop Games’ previous title, Kathy Rain.

Just in time, too, as the game is being advertised for free on Steam until 1 p.m. EDT today. This comes from a quirky tweet from publisher Raw Fury.

When I heard the announcement, I quickly dropped everything and got around to downloading it. I loved Whispers of a Machine (check out my review here) and I am looking forward to playing through what started Clifftop Games as a developer. I just hope that it’s as short and sweet as Whispers of a Machine, though.

Kathy Rain, much like Whispers of a Machine, is a point-and-click adventure game revolving around a mystery in a small town. The game’s website also provides some context as to what this title is:

Set in the 90's, Kathy Rain tells the story of a strong-willed journalism major who has to come to terms with her own troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently deceased grandfather. Armed with her motorcycle, a pack of cigs, and a notepad, Kathy begins to delve into a local mystery surrounding her hometown that will take her on a harrowing journey full of emotional and personal turmoil.

Just from a glance, I can immediately tell that this is something from Clifftop, seeing all those familiar sprites filled to the last pixel with charm, as well as the smooth character animations. If you’re as interested in the game as I am, you can get it now while there’s still time, on its Steam page.

Clifftop Games’ latest title, Whispers of a Machine, is also out now on Steam for PC, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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