Kate Bishop Is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers On December 8

A new hero is set to join.
A new hero is set to join. Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers is more than ready to welcome Kate Bishop to join the team. She’s going to be the first superhero to arrive since Marvel's Avengers was released.

So, just who is Kate Bishop? Well, she’s the protégé of Hawkeye and is not only a world-class archer, but also an adept swordsman, and more importantly, a master of sarcasm and snark. She first made her appearance in Young Avengers back in 2005 and has since taken the mantle of Hawkeye. Much like Clint Barton, Kate Bishop may not have any super powers, but she can still stand toe-to-toe with the Avengers.

When Bishop arrives to the game, she’s going to have her very own story operation, which is named Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM. Her story involves the missing Nick Fury, along with a powerful and new threat in the Super Adaptoid.

In designing the kit of Kate Bishop, Leilan Nishi of Crystal Dynamics said in a post that considering her connection with Clint Barton, they wanted to “balance the similarities between her and Clint with her unique stylistic differences.” She went on to say that the design team wanted to reflect this learning from Clint in Kate's abilities, also knew that it was “important for her to have her own Heroics, Intrinsics, and Takedowns that set her apart as a fighter with which to be reckoned.”

During battle, Kate makes use of AIM tech that has been repurposed. Her Blink skill, for example, allows her to double jump and air dash, among others. Meanwhile her Quantum Shift skill allows her to teleport away from an attack and then return to attack from behind.

As a student of the original Hawkeye, there’s no doubt that Kate is herself a master archer. She has different bow Skills, each of which can be upgraded. These include:

  • Razor Arrows
  • Scatter Shot Arrows
  • Explosive Arrows
  • Smoke Screen Arrows

Her Heroic skills, meanwhile, are all original. Her Support Heroic is known as Decoy. Here she creates a hologram replica that shoot arrows of quantum energy at targets in order to distract them. Upgrading this to After Image allows Kate to switch places with the decoy. Doing the same with Self-Destruct detonates the decoy.

Kate's Assault Heroic is known as Warp Arrow, which teleports her over long distances while activating a quantum explosion on her arrival. Upgrading this to Worm Hole allows Kate to create portals that allies can use.

Finally, Bishop's Ultimate Heroic is known as Quantum Overdrive. This gives her unlimited intrinsic energy while also powering her bow so she can fire quantum energy arrows.

By the way, since Kate’s story is intertwined with Clint’s story, players can expect Clint Barton to arrive in Marvel's Avengers in early 2021.

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