Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.3.5 Improves Performance And Bring Bug Fixes

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Marvel’s Avengers may not have been a massive financial success for Square Enix, but that doesn’t mean that the developers will be forced to abandon the game. Avengers is a live-service game, so it’s going to make more money over time, not instantly.

Crystal Dynamics just released another update to improve Marvel's Avengers. Update 1.3.5 is heavily focused on bug fixes and improving the technical aspects of the game. Performance has been improved yet again and multiple freeze issues are now fixed. The update is currently live on Steam and PlayStation. Xbox and Stadia versions of Marvel's Avengers will update in a couple of hours. Check out the complete patch notes below or on the official site. Crystal Dynamics also confirmed that another update is already in development.

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.3.5 Patch Notes

Reassemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative

  • Various performance improvements
  • Various crash & freeze fixes
  • Fixed an issue that cause the same boss to appear in both Villain Sector Faction Assignments each day.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would become stuck in the Quinjet when traveling to an outpost.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Hulk would block the camera view in Quinjet when assigned as a companion.
  • Implemented a fix for AI companions being unable to revive players if they are downed on top of a Warbot.
  • Fixed an issue during "Hello Old Friend" where players are instructed to interact with the War Table but are unable to do so.
  • Fixed a rare issue in Elite Hives where a player cannot capture the servers after being downed and respawning.
  • Fixed a rare issue when Thor is re-introduced and a cut scene would not load, preventing progression.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Black Widow and Kamala would swap character models, blocking player progression.
  • Fixed an issue where perks exclusive to the upcoming Cloning Lab - such as Lab Breaker - were incorrectly active in other modes.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a rare issue where Black Widow’s baton staff would appear incorrectly oriented on her back.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Black Widow’s Saboteur Outfit to only have glasses on in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed a rare issue which occurred when Hulk threw multiple enemies, causing one to be stuck mid-air in the grab animation.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Hulk’s animation would invert when using Ground Shaker against power regulators.
  • Fixed an issue where Captain America would enter a broken state after canceling a Ricochet throw.
  • Fixed a rare issue where shield generators would become invisible during the final encounter in “More than Inhuman”.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Kamala’s model would expand and distort when performing certain moves.

Multiplayer & Match Making

  • Various multiplayer and matchmaking fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could not see themselves or their strike team when loading into a matchmaking lobby.
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies would enter an idle state and become invincible after a host leaves a multiplayer session.

User Interface

  • Various UI fixes including replacing placeholder text, incorrect text, and non-localized text.
  • Updated and corrected various skill/gear descriptors.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes, inspecting gear would cover relevant stats.
  • Improved the beam attack indicator to make players more aware of their surroundings and incoming attacks.
  • Faction Reward notification removed from helicarrier as Shield Faction Vendor moved to Substation Zero. Notifications will only appear in outposts where the vendor is at.
  • Fixed a rare issue where interact button prompts would not fill when holding the interact button.
  • Fixed an issue where UI would be stuck on screen indefinitely if the Hulkbuster ran out mid-interact.
  • Fixed an issue where Thor’s ‘Alfheim’s Favor’ Ultimate Heroic skill didn’t match the description at higher power levels.
  • Fixed rare occurrences of Iron Man Melee gear having a ranged icon/name.
  • Fixed an issue where the objective marker would appear on the Hulkbuster when the ability was used.
  • Fixed an issue where a resource crate icon would persist when opening a crate after reloading checkpoint.


  • Fixed an issue where Captain America’s Brooklyn Brawler specialization "Strong Arm" did not give increase in ranged damage.
  • Increased the time between Abomination’s attacks on downed players to provide a better chance of revival from companions.
  • Intrinsic Hero guards have been balanced to be more consistent against ranged attacks made by Keepers and Aero Keepers.
  • Fixed an issue where Kamala's Focused Heart skill would unintentionally refresh the Hulkbuster energy meter and put it in an unresponsive state.
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies could attack players from behind a closed door.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would sometimes result in Captain America sliding backwards after using Sprint Block.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Black Widow was sometimes unable to aim/shoot her ranged weapons after interacting with an object such as a console or core.
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies would become stuck in the ground after Kamala uses Crushing Grasp on them following a takedown.

Gear, Challenges & Rewards

  • Added a 5% XP bonus for selecting “Quick Match” and 10% XP bonus for using "Quick Match with any Hero".
  • Gear/Reward fixes across War Table missions to ensure expected/guaranteed rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Shopping Spree' trophy/achievement could be unlocked without making purchases from a Faction Vendor

Platform-Specific Fixes

  • Additional PlayStation Fixes:
    • N/A
  • Additional Xbox Fixes:
    • N/A
  • Additional PC Fixes:
    • Fixed the Heroic UI placement on PC
  • Additional Stadia Fixes:
    • N/A
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