Kanye West 'Swish' Album Renamed 'Waves' Ahead Of February Release

Twitter reacts to Kanye West-Amber Rose feud with #KanyeAnalPlaylist.
Twitter reacts to Kanye West-Amber Rose feud with #KanyeAnalPlaylist. Consequence of Sound

Any time Kanye West drops a new album, it’s a major event in the music world. So naturally, within minutes of posting a tweet regarding said album, the media was buzzing regarding the big news: Kanye West is changing the name of his new album – again. The new record was supposed to be called Swish, with Yeezy even posting an “official” tracklist on Twitter just two days ago. Now, it will go by the moniker of Waves.

The shakeup is notable considering that Kanye’s album is just a few short weeks away from release, and the project had already gone through a title change once before. Prior to Swish, it was referred to as So Help Me God. It’s not clear what prompted this sudden name change, but hip-hop fans probably aren’t too surprised considering Kanye’s tendency to be a perfectionist.

Waves is facing big expectations due to Ye’s personal marketing campaign, in which he labeled the new project as the “best album of all time.” He reinforced that notion earlier today on Twitter, stating, “This is not album of the year. This is album of the life.” Those are some bold sentiments to hold up to, but first glimpses of “Real Friends” and “No More Parties in LA” sound quite promising.

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