Kaiser and Hatz are Joining the Climb in Tower of God: New World

Tower of God Kaiser Hatz
More climbers entering the tower. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Tower of God: New World and it introduces two new teammates to the roster. There's also the new Ignition weapons and the return of an event.

Let's start with the new teammates beginning with SSR+ [Ruler] Kaiser (Blue element, Ranged, Anima). She's the queen of the Name Hunt Station on the 39th floor and brings with her a tragic past. That's because she almost became a Princess of Zahard but then lost everything when she destroyed her family because of a hasty decision. In the game, she can release a multi-shot basic attack which increases in frequency the more she attacks her enemies.

The second teammate is SSR [Donghae] Hatz (Yellow element, Tank, Scout). He owns the ignition weapon called "Donghae," a rather dangerous blade that's been known to have put many lives of Rankers in danger. He makes use of a unified attack and defense skill which increases damage as defense increases.

As part of the update, boost missions for [Ruler] Kaiser and [Donghae] Hatz are available until July 3. These give players the chance to obtain new teammates by finishing certain missions.

The Vacation is Back

The new game update also brings with it Xia Xia's Dangerous Vacation events. This return to the game is to celebrate the summer season. These different events, and the chance to earn valuable rewards, are now live and runs until July 3. The events are:

  • [Returning Event] Xia Xia's Dangerous Vacation Story Event
    • Players can experience stories and Battle stages to earn various items including SSR Tower's Blessing Break Stone.
  • [Returning Event] Dangerous Vacation Event Exchange Shop
    • Items obtained from story events can be exchanged for other rewards such as Vacation Costumes and growth resources.
  • Vacation Celebration Check-in Event
    • Check-in for 14 days during the even period and obtain multiple gifts such as SSR Yellow Soulstone (x60), Suspendiums (x2000) and more.

Other New Content

There are also two new Ignition Weapon sets (Sundance/Sela) that players can enjoy. There's also the rerun of 2023 Vacation Costumes for Ha Yuri, Hatz, Viole, Xia Xia, Hwaryun and Shibisu. By the way, new Adventure floors are now open and have expanded to level 85.

In Tower of God: New World, players can take control of fan-favorite characters to ascend the Tower. The game is available on Google Play and the App Store while the PC version is available to download from Google Play Games Beta.

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