‘Justice League’ Has A Green Lantern Appearance, Reportedly

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The Justice League movie will have a Green Lantern appearance, according to Heroic Hollywood’s Editor In Chief Umberto Gonzalez, who does drop reliable scoops on the regular. View the periscope video here.

"Yes. There is a Green Lantern in Justice League,” Gonzalez says in the live broadcast, answering a fan’s question. “I forgot how to pronounce him. I forgot the name of the Green Lantern in Justice League , so we'll see. Hey, maybe by that time they get to cast Hal Jordan and next we'll throw him in there too who knows."

John Stewart will reportedly be the focus of the upcoming 'Green Lantern Corps' movie. Photo: DC Comics

He says the name of the Green Lantern is “funny sounding,” which purposely doesn’t help us narrow down who it could be. He also specifically said it’s not Kilowog. In Justice League, Batman and Wonder Woman recruit a team of heroes to protect the world from a catastrophic event after the death of Superman. Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash will all star, and now it looks like they’ll get a little help from a Green Lantern.

Gonzalez, also a reporter at The Wrap, said earlier this year a member of the Green Lantern Corps will appear in a pivotal moment of the film, but won’t have a large role.

Warner Bros. has yet to confirm. Who do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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