John Wick Coming To Fortnite? New Map Update Says Yes

Arabic language support now available on all platforms.
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Is John Wick coming to Fortnite? Players would like to think so. The talk started when players shared what they believed was a character skin who looked like the famed assassin. In reality it was a skin named The Reaper, part of the Hired Gun set.

John Wick coming to Fortnite would not be a surprise as the game recently released a Limited Time Mode in celebration of Avengers: Endgame. In that LTM, players were given the chance to defend the island from Thanos and his army as he searched for the Infinity Stones.

However the John Wick rumors started going again when Fortnite released the v9.00 update. The new map adds new locations, and one of these is known as Paradise Palms. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that one mansion in the area is similar to the one in the first John Wick movie. As if to fan the fuel of excitement even further, players can enter the same mansion and upon reaching the basement, find a chest. If that sounds familiar, that’s because that’s what the assassin did before hunting down the gang that killed his dog.

A Twitter user with the name FortTory also shared a discovery from data miners. It appears that Fortnite is planning a new LTM. While it has no official title yet, the challenges have the name “Wick” on them. That seems pretty definitive to us.

Fortnite has yet to confirm or announce if indeed there is a collaboration with John Wick. The latest chapter in the film franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, is scheduled to release this Friday, May 17. This is the third in the trilogy of movies, and this time, John Wick needs to fight his way out of New York City after being declared excommunicado by Winston, owner and manager of the Continental Hotel.

Along with the release of Season 9, Fortnite revealed that Arabic language is now supported on all platforms. Fortnite has created a Player Support Team that can assist in Arabic. With regards to the concern of having Middle East Servers, developer Epic Games says the company is looking into the matter, particularly on providing dedicated server support.

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